Why Camaros are the Most Popular Muscle Car of All Time?

When Jan Brady, the middle sister from The Brady Bunch, expressed jealously for the accomplishments of her more popular older sister, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” became the most famous quote derived from the popular late ’60’s and early ’70’s family television sitcom. That TV moment was later mocked in a Snickers commercial that first aired during the 2015 Super Bowl (look it up on YouTube; it’s classic).

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23 thoughts on “Why Camaros are the Most Popular Muscle Car of All Time?”

  1. Most popular? You are intentionally trying create BS between make followers. You are gone. Blocked as of now!!!!!

    1. Gregory Welsh Absolutely gorgeous Camaro you own. My hats off to you. But if you bother to look at real numbers you’ll find the Mustang whoops as in the popularity category

    2. Gregory Welsh The only pussys I’ve ever known were Camaro owners, cause they always knew they were always one step behind Mustangs! Rejecting facts only makes you blind to the facts! Camaro was a hurry-up counter to the ground breaking Mustang. It even looked like a cheep knock-off of the Mustang! So go ahead and sing your song, I along with the rest of the real car loving folks will just laugh at you

  2. Mustang came out as economy car. Stylish but 6 cyl and small V 8
    Chevrolet came out offering economy engines and big V8 power

  3. Wilson Brabham says:

    I test drove a 69 Camaro Z/28 and had a bunch of fun, but decided on a 69 Dodge SuperBee, a little faster, but I did like the aluminum 302……………..

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