Who is the Greatest Drag Racer of all Time? NHRA’s 50 Greatest

Ok, who is your #1 NHRA Drag Racer of all time?

Do you agree with the rankings? Leave your comments below…..

50. Elmer Trett
49. Richard Tharp
48. Malcolm Durham
47. Billy Meyer
46. Ken Veney
45. Scotty Richardson
44. Dave Schultz
43. Frank Hawley
42. David Rampy
41. John Mulligan
40. Frank Manzo
39. Danny Ongais
38. James Warren
37. Edmond Richardson
36. Blaine Johnson
35. Terry Vance
34. Willie Borsch
33. Brad Anderson
32. Darrell Gwynn
31. Dick LaHaie
30. Chris Karamesines
29. Art Chrisman
28. George Montgomery
27. Jim Dunn
26. Gene Snow
25. Tommy Ivo
24. Gary Beck
23. Jack Chrisman
22. Pete Robinson
21. Connie Kalitta
20. Raymond Beadle
19. Ed McCulloch
18. Don Nicholson
17. Jim Liberman
16. Tom McEwen
15. Ronnie Sox
14. Eddie Hill
13. Pat Austin
12. Lee Shepherd
11. Mickey Thompson
10. Dale Armstrong
9. Joe Amato
8. Bill Jenkins
7. Warren Johnson
6. Kenny Bernstein
5. Shirley Muldowney
4. Bob Glidden

3. Don Prudhomme

2. John Force

1. Don Garlits

Who is your pick? Why? Do you agree with the Top 50?

Leave your answer in the comments



Thanks, Pat Caporuscio

17 thoughts on “Who is the Greatest Drag Racer of all Time? NHRA’s 50 Greatest”

  1. Bob Glidden,Ronnie Sox & Bill Jenkins –Saw um all race !! Never for get

  2. Can’t say just one everybody will have a different opinion. Some will say Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins, Bob Glidden, Ronnie Sox, Warren Johnson, Greg Anderson all these guys are great and this is a short list.

  3. Danny Older says:

    Where the hell is Hubert Platt??

  4. Rich Misulia says:

    Don “Big Daddy” Garlits of course! Everybody knows him. He was the first to sign Shirley’s NHRA license.

  5. Ed LoCoco says:

    Eddie Hill should be too 10.

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