Who is the Best Muscle Car Manufacturer?

110 thoughts on “Who is the Best Muscle Car Manufacturer?”

  1. The Best, or WAS the best? IS? MOPAR, no question. Was? GM. Pontiac was their performance division.

    1. Sorry! But the best all round off road truck is the PowerWagon! It can go places a raptor can’t even think of! Sorry but it’s a fact!

  2. I had a 68 goat, built it up alot…bad ass. . but I would have to say overall Mopar

  3. wtf you think GM i’m ridin in chevys i’ll walk on foot before i get anything but

  4. Chrysler from its conception. First V8, first disc brakes, first autotransmission, first and longest record holding hemi engine, producer of the Power Wagon that pioneer all wheel drive technology and on and on.

    1. Like Molars, but Chevy had the first OHV V8 in 1917-18, 288 cu. In.

    2. oldsmibile had the first automatic transmission. hydramatic in 1947. chrysler had fluid drive.

    3. Stan , I was a track vehicle mechanic in the US Army in 1973. I and another mechanic refurbished an M-24 Chaffe tank for the Brigade Commander. It was built in 1942 and had twin Cadillac flat head V8’s with twin Hydramatic transmissions, the nameplate was on them.

    4. According to the web, Oldsmobile and Cadillac started in 1939 for the 1940 model year!

  5. Chrysler! The dodge brothers built the drive lines for ford four years before they left and decided to build a better car! In 1914 Mopar or no car. In NHRA Chrysler rules in all classes except pro stock. The HEMI is the design most teems use no matter what is stamped on it.

    1. It was 15 years they came back in 2001 to NASCAR . As for speed they where the fastest of all time.243MPH fast lap in 1969 ! But of course NASCAR Band them just like the HEMI ! There’s definitely favoritism in certain brands in NASCAR!

  6. GM, bowtie power has won at more tracks across the country scene 1955 then any other, dirt tracks , 1/4 mile ETC”

    1. Hemi was so bad in the sixties it was outlawed because all the fags in bowties were crying

  7. vette aka supercar which competes with Europe’s super cars,can’t say that about the other 2 Manufacturers ,(was and in the past dosen’t count)

  8. MOPAR has always been the one everyone else has been chasing! Good to see somethings just don’t change!

  9. How many know Chevy had an OHV V8, 288 cu in in 1917-18! It was not accepted by the consumers, so it was put on ice until 1955 with the 265, then came the 4 bbl and power pack heads.

  10. HEMI has dominated every form of racing its ever been in! Till they ban it so others can win a race!

    1. back in the day, hemi owners had a rough time picking up street runs. they’d have to go to the track.

  11. GM Chevrolet Corvette and this which is sitting in my garage waiting for summer 72 Camaro

    1. that’s because uncle sam wanted to build cars. low compression, emissions, cat convertors. i was a 60’s gearhead and a parts man for over 40yrs. i saw the decline firsthand.

  12. as a former gm man and currently a ford owner, i have to say chrysler had it. back in the 60’s, the hemi was feared. the torqueflite tranny was awesome.

  13. Depends. Chevy Ruled small blocks chyster ruled big blocks.. for did their best, but did make some beautiful cars

  14. I own 2 Ford’s and 2 dodges but for some reason the Chevy can’t stay running

  15. GM lately has been kicking butt as far as JD Power & associates is concerned. More awards than Ford and Chrysler!!!!

  16. I’m a Chevy guy but Mopar ruled the late 60’s. Super light cars with insane engines

  17. Chevy. More HP for less $$$. (Better mpg doing it too, but who cares about mpg?)

  18. Depends on the year, they all had their days at the track… Not always the car but the people who built them after the factory sold them…

  19. Gary Grotz, let’s remember all top fuel, funny car, and monster trucks run 572 hemi

  20. Like Ford man! Esp. remember the late ’40’s and early ’50’s when the Ford Flathead engines were rippin’ everyone a new one at the drag strips. My dad and I built 2 of them for my brother in laws that raced them. Ford also rule the dragstrips in the ’70’s until some ass or as’s decided to pull out of drag racin’ :(

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