What’s The Difference Between A Muscle Car And A Pony Car?

It’s common for people to refer to any rear-wheel drive American performance car with a V8 as a ‘muscle car’, but is that always the case? Some would have you believe that ‘pony car’ is in many instances a more appropriate description. Since this is probably the lesser-known term, let’s look at its history.

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8 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between A Muscle Car And A Pony Car?”

  1. Pony is only used for the rustang… Muscle car is all brands… Apples to oranges

    1. Not true.

      Muscle cars were called Supercars, and Mustangs, Camaro’s, etc. were called Ponycars

    2. Never in all my life heard anything but crustang called a pint car.. hmm I guess..

    3. Lance Smeal get out more..challener,mustang,camaro were all pony cars that ran track circuts

    4. Lol get out much… Oh no I’m not a fanatic n know everything in the world.. oh no..
      must be cool to be a know it all…

  2. In my understanding, the Pony Car “term” originated when Ford Motor Co. developed the Mustang, which related it’s icon to the Mustang Pony. However, other manufacturers saw the attraction, and jumped onto the bandwagon developing their version of this unique lightweight American Automobile. Hence, the term “pony car” was loosely used in reference to all those cars developed to compete with Fords Mustang. Now, a Muscle Car? In my opinion, the Muscle car was developed by manufacturers, as required, so that they could put certain production models on the Nascar Circuit. A limited amount of these “race cars” had to be marketed in order to qualify them for the track. All Manufacturers began competing with high performance durable vehicles, and the young buyers scooped them up as fast as they were produced. Also, a line of lower performance, high RPM small block vehicles were developed as “Rally” cars, which certainly packed their fair share of buyers, loving the handling and high revving engines.

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