What Ford Muscle Car Are You?

14 thoughts on “What Ford Muscle Car Are You?”

  1. Fastest Ford I ever drove in the 1/4 mile 1970 Torino Cobra 429 SCJ 4 speed. 11:20 et at 124 mph.

    1. 1970 it was a new Car, we CC,ed the heads, full headers, 514 Detroit locking rear, Lakewood bars, everything legal for E/S class. Oh 10 inch slicks. If I ran 12 inch slicks it ran SS/H class.

      1. I would have loved to seen that.
        The SCJ Torino I had ran low 13’s and was consistent. Other racers,especially mopars that raced me would sometimes break out at night because the cooler air made their cars run faster.

    1. Being a mechanic, I done all the engine and drive train work myself. Saved tons of labor cost :)

  2. We drove that Torino to the drag strip uncorked the headers put the slicks on and turned 11:20 et at 124 mph. It was never towed.

  3. My Dad and I had a 1971ford Torino corbra with a 429 super Cobra jet drag pack It had 380 horsepower from the factory or 375hp with Hurst 4speed top Loader it had bench seat no AC no power steering and cool tack that sounds as if the line stayed in one spot it was grabber blue and black hood 3 inch exhaust and shipped in all 4 gears… My dad’s had snake corbra in center of front grill… 900 Holly could take 10,000 miles off tires before I say but officer I and that’s amazing… It ran 12 sec from factory and could pull 11.8 easy..

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