We all know it's a Charger! But, which year? - Muscle Car Fan

We all know it’s a Charger! But, which year?


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Muscle Car Fan

What do you guys think of the color scheme? ... See MoreSee Less

What do you guys think of the color scheme?


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Well it looks like they plan to run through some protesters out there blocking the highways, or already did...

It's so uuuugglly, I shouldn't have even answered the dumb question !

I love red and black but camo is retarded...

Someone please save this poor creature

Looks like a alley artist has had a hold of it.

Looks like somebody was carrying a can of paint tripped.

Wouldn't be first go to but I'd rock it

Is that the car a white supremacist drives thru a crowd???....stupid..

Looks like a painting project from the local kindergarten class.

Wasn't a good idea!

It Sucks!

My only question would be "WHY"???

it's horrible.

Happy Halloween!


sucks ass


Made an awful looking car WORSE




I don't burn my money like-that!! ☠

Hell no ! Repaint.

👎 poor challenger 😞

Unwrap it please 😩

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