War Camaro & Hero Helge Meyer Ran Supplies To Bosnia Children

Looking like one of the creations from the movie starring Mel Gibson, Mad Max, one of our fans, Helge Meyer, wrote to us the other day about his 1979 War Camaro with a Nitrous set up to evade the enemy and deliver supplies to children in the 1990’s.

Hi Musclecarfan,

My name are Helge Meyer, coming from Denmark living in Germany.

During the Balkan War, I was DRIVING a WAR CAMARO to help the kids and old People.

I will send some Picture, because if you not have heard about a crazyy Däne that was driving into the Balkan War without guns,only with a BIBLE.

I am coming from a Danish Special Unit call the JÆGERCORPS and am Jæger nr 89.

I was on  the Rhein Main Air base and they give me the
name Gottes Rambo.Because nobody drives into a WAR with out a Gun Weapon.

The engine is 5,7 liter 220 Standard HP, with NITRO  I have 440 HP. I can go from 0-200Kmh in 13 seconds  loaded with 400 kg of medicine or food or sanitary supplies.

I still have the Camaro that I bought  in 1984. It IS
still running WITH the first engine AND HAS  1.000.000.KM no problem.

If you have some Questions just email me.

Helge Meyer

Muscle Car Fan, 100%

I have attached photos of just some of the honors and recognition bestowed on Helge by the United States for his valaint efforts and successes of feeding and helping the children of the war torn country of Bosnia-Herzegovina. 


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