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Car expert Chris Phillip gives you a guided tour around the Chevelle Dream Giveaway's 1970 SS396 Chevelle. If you like old-school muscle, hit the play button now.

Dream Giveaway raises money for charities, and we will make a donation on your behalf each month. Order now and receive your coupon code to claim tickets that can be used for the Chevelle or for other cars and prizes.

"This is as close as you can get to going back in time and owning a brand-new 1970 SS396 Chevelle." - Encyclopedia of Muscle Cars author Jim Campisano


Chevrolet created a muscle-car monster in 1970-the big-block Chevelle Super Sport. It was the ultimate street machine for the start of an iconic decade that would see the end of the original muscle-car era. Today, the 1970 SS Chevelle is the last true testament to the days when the phrase, "There's no replacement for displacement," was the solemn rule of the street.

The SS Chevelle no longer roams the asphalt roads of the towns and cities of the United States, and fully restored examples are snatched up from Barrett Jackson and Mecum auctions as quickly as they become available. Finding a true Chevelle Super Sport other than the occasional examples that star in national auctions or in high-dollar ads in Hemmings Motors News is next to impossible.

So when Dream Giveaway Garage heard through word of mouth that a fully restored 1970 SS396 Chevelle was possibly-and we stress the word possibly- available for the right price, our chief gearhead fired up his highway cruiser, crossed his fingers, and made the seller promise that nobody else in the country would get the chance to look at this time-capsule Chevelle before Dream Giveaway got there.


This grand-prize 1970 SS396 Chevelle was destined to be the star of the first-ever Chevelle Dream Giveaway. From its ocean-deep black exterior paint with expertly applied white hood and decklid stripes to its perfectly restored engine bay, a bucket seat interior that still smells brand new, the brilliant sparkle off of the round bezels of the rescreened, brand-new-looking speedometer, tachometer and instrument gauges and the spot-on sound of solid door thud, this Chevelle Super Sport is a tire-smoking time capsule ready to roll off a new-car showroom, circa summer 1970.


The grand-prize 1970 SS396 Chevelle Super Sport was customer-ordered at Brennecke Chevrolet in Jackson, Missouri, and is one-of-a-kind. It includes the following factory features, many of which were only available by special order:

A51 - Strato Bucket Seats B22 - SS Door Emblems D88 - Hood and deck stripes F41 - Special Performance suspension G80 - Positraction Axle


Thanks to our promotional partner Original Parts Group, Incorporated, this 1970 SS396 Chevelle features the most-correct restoration components available in the world today. It was specially chosen to represent Original Parts Group at this year's Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show in SEMA in November 2017 where it will be on display at the event along with the world's finest restored custom show cars.

When you enter to win the 2017 Chevelle Dream Giveaway, you'll be in the running for this time capsule, concours-restored 1970 SS 396 Chevelle Sport Coupe. Plus, we'll pay $10,000 toward the taxes.

1970 Chevelle

Original Parts Group

Original Parts Group has a 35 year history with the legendary Chevelle and El Camino. It was back in 1982 when OPGI Founder and CEO Dave Leonard attended the Pomona, California Antique Auto swap meet in his old El Camino - the bed loaded with GM parts. Dave left that show in hopes that he could build something big for the restoration industry, and of course, he did. Original Parts Group has manufactured and sold a constantly expanding full line of premium quality restoration parts for Chevelle, El Camino, and many other GM lines ever since!

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