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Through the exclusive content you get each month, you'll get in-depth insider information on a huge range of topics - here's just a small sample:

  • Muscle Car Restoration
  • Upgrades and Improvements
  • Buying and Selling Value
  • Enjoying the Journey
  • Technical Spotlight
  • And much, MUCH more!

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Meet your Talk Show Host, Pat, and your Editor, Ross
Restoration Secrets of Grizzled Veterans

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In-Depth Training

Learn all about buying, selling, and restoring classic cars. We have 200 pages of reports waiting for you, and we are adding more all the time. The Ultimate Project Car Guide below is included in the membership. We will do the legwork and the research, and we will bring you the best advice out there saving you valuable time.

Expert Interviews

We have a Talk Show where we interview restoration experts. You can even participate using our chat and request to present features. Trusting just anyone on the Internet is a recipe for disaster. You never know if someone who creates a video or writes a tutorial knows what they're talking about. If you follow their advice, you could end up messing up your car completely.

Accessories & Parts

We will show you where to get parts. We have been scavenging for decades, and we can teach you where to look. Our sources are affordable for even people on a modest budget. We are compiling the ultimate resource for people hunting for parts, so you don't have to agonize over where to look.

Which Car to Buy

We provide in-depth coverage of the Top 25 muscle cars to buy. It is a lot easier to create a shiny, roaring, jaw-dropping machine if you buy the right car in the first place. We will show you how to go about making the purchase safely with a minimum of risk.

We've Got the Ultimate Project Car Guide Bundle
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  • Includes the following:

    • The Muscle Car Buyer's Guide
    • Breakdown of the 25 Best Models to Own
    • Maintenance of Classic Muscle Cars
    • Ownership Pitfalls, Precautions, and Probabilities
    • 58 Questions Before Buying (with Answers)

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