V6 Mustang SMOKES a 720hp GT-R!!!

When you think of a RACE CAR what comes to mind? I guarantee it’s not a V6 Mustang! I’m also certain that the outcome of this race will surprise the hell out of you! The kicker is that they weren’t event giving it ALL OF THE NITROUS – Listen to him playing with him. This car built by Limitless Performance is NO JOKE!

7 thoughts on “V6 Mustang SMOKES a 720hp GT-R!!!”

  1. I have a V6 and it has a single exhaust pipe , it has a growl to it but nothing like the new ones with the noisy duel exhaust systems , but noise does not equate to speed, also knowing how and when to shift makes a big difference, get people wanting to race all the time, but I don`t need tickets, but have been in hurry a few times and had these idiots in GT`s and Dodge Challengers start racing me , again these 6 cyl 5 speeds got some balls and if you know how to drive it , you can embarrass people with bigger engines

  2. If you know how and when to shift , the 6 cyl can and will beat the bigger more powerful engines , more weight comes with bigger engines., my 5 speed 6 cyl will lay rubber in every gear and will fly if I want it to , but as often as I get little turdknockers in GT`s or Challengers trying to race me every time one pulls up next to me ,I have lousy luck with tickets , plus our town just has too much traffic , people pull out in font of you constantly, especially off the highway ramps , one cuts me off there at least 6 times a week…and my car is bright yellow with lights on , they just don`t look ! But have embarrassed a few late night.

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