UPDATE VIDEO: Suspect in Las Vegas concert mass shooting attack identified

26 thoughts on “UPDATE VIDEO: Suspect in Las Vegas concert mass shooting attack identified”

    1. He was shot by Police. He was in that hotel since Thursday. I can’t believe that he has 10 guns in his room and “nobody” noticed? I’m pretty sure it’s a policy in 90% of Hotels that even if a room has a “Do Not Disturb” sign up that the room has to be cleaned every 2 days? Of course then he would have probably shot the cleaner.

    1. So all our soldiers are pussies and our Police plus the 100 millions of Americans that conceal and carry. Shut your liberal ass.

    2. Haha! I’ll clarify. No problem with the military or police to have guns.
      Civilians don’t need em. Too many cowboys like you that think they’re tough and strong with a big gun. Remove the gun and you have a big pussy. Defenseless without it.

    3. Well criminals don’t buy guns legally. So you side with the criminal but want citizens to be helpless. I am not a cowboy dude, as Far as being Defenseless, I have been schooled in the art of striking. Thanks to my retired father, a 20 year NYPD officer. You would be screaming your last name if you confronted me.

    4. Right. And the last mass shooter bought his legally. Remember the Florida massacre boss?

    5. Bohdan Lord you are not getting my point. I have and you have the right to protect yourselves. What happens if someone breaks Into your home with your kids, You just going to let them rape, murder and steal from your family. Can’t beat them off with a roll of quarters can you. For myself and my family, the criminal or criminals have a front stage seat to Mr. .45. I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders.

    6. ONE weapon for protection…kept inside your home? No problem. Multiple weapons? No. Why I feel civilians shouldn’t have them because there’s too many mentally sick people out there that own them. ( including the flipped out gun stockpile crowd).

    7. Again.. Most mass shootings…the guns weren’t bought on the street. Bought legally by mentally sick people.

    8. Bohdan Lord I know plenty of people with multiple guns pistol for personal protection 4/10 shot run for home protection 22 rifle for rabbits and small game 30-6 for big game every gun has a use you take one sick bastard and compare him to every gun owner ITS YOU THAT IS THE PROBLEM

    9. I wonder if you would feel that way if this or another mentally sick person killed a police officer…or someone you personally know. Perhaps you would think otherwise. People like you that are blind to the fact of these mentally unstable people legally acquiring guns. It’s okay by you…yes? That’s the problem.

    10. I should add….its been more than one sick bastard. This domestic terrorism has happened many many times and its getting worse.

  1. he is a terrorist, not just a suspect, being white and christian does not exempt him from being a sick terrorist

    1. Everything that has been said is that he had no religious affiliation. That makes him not a Christian.

    1. Unfortunately if a person knows what they are doing they can make a semi auto rifle and make it full

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