Uniquely Elegant 1969-1973 Plymouth Fury

Plymouth took “big car” automobile styling to the next level with the release of the 1969 Fury. There would be front and rear styling updates each year from 1969 through 1973, but the same basic fuselage styling remained. This beautiful elegant styling was uniquely Mopar, and has stood the test of time to become a remembrance of the golden era of Plymouth.

21 thoughts on “Uniquely Elegant 1969-1973 Plymouth Fury”

  1. I had a 69 New Yorker with a 440 4 bbl You could watch the gas guage go down as the mph increased. Lol

    1. I remember hearing dad say holy s*** this thing will do 90 miles an hour in second gear

  2. I had a 69 ‘ Plymouth fury, also different grille. Yellow with black vinyl top..huge car,sits 4 comfortably on front bench seat ,another 4 in the day driving it ,I took the steering wheel moved it about three inches ,reaching for something ,and the front of the car dipped down on the right side ,felt like a big boat ,going over a wave, so cool, i never stopped doing it ,to impress friends ,till one girl said she was getting seasick,and about to throw up….Lol.the car also little orange marker lights on front fenders to indicate turn signals….great memories..

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