U Spy: 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Prototype Found Resting In Colorado

The baddest and meanest muscle car of all time, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, was spotted by a reader at a parking lot, in Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

Dodge may currently torture everyone with what feels like the longest teasing period prior to a new model but luckily that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have the chance of actually seeing the new Challenger SRT Demon.



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119 thoughts on “U Spy: 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon Prototype Found Resting In Colorado”

    1. No they arent they took the name challenger and added stupid shit to it like hellacat. And demon. Oooh demon. How original lol

    2. Wow. Just wow.

      Guess they should come up with a new name for the Corvette. They’ve been using the name since 1953. Camaro is probably due for replacement too, huh?

    3. Nor did they really just pop up and ruin camaros. The names are dumb. California emissions car

    4. Pick a side of the fence. You complain about Hellcat which is new and then you complain about Demon which is from the ’70s.

    5. You dont see 2017 chevy yenko novas running around lol. Even though that would be alot better.

    6. The demon was history. Now its the future. Hell cat has hell in it. “Hella california cool” and worst of allcat. Pussies lol

    7. Pretty soon there will be the dodge challenger superbird bumble bee rumble pack lol

    8. Lol. Jesus. The names are retarded. Have been since the early 60s it looks pike lol. Hahahahaha

    9. Exactly. Why bring back a classic then overproduce them making 70 different engines with the same body? For california coolness lol

    10. WhoDaPhuk is this guy that knows so little about historic car codes & names?
      Where did the new Stingray come from?
      Where did ZR1, ZL1, Z06 all come from?
      What about the Boss Mustang?

      Give up, your ‘Cali-Cool’ argument sucks.

    11. You know. Dodge has their own lenders. Chrysler too. To sell new cars. They made every single pay grade a challenger lol

    12. You cant afford the pussy cat? Get a rt. Got a few extra bucks cause you were ready to buy the big boy but you dont have enough income? Buy a scat pack instead lol

    13. You got too many kids get the 4 door dodge charger lol. Holy fuck hahaha.

    14. What does lending have to do with a car name? You’re all over the place. Complaining about new names, old names and now lending?

      What’s wrong with a company offering different trim levels at different price points? Every car company in the world does it.

    15. Look man. My point is they took these names out of their asses to be less creative. People buy these cars on a fucking loan dude. Then act like you got some rare awesome car. The names are gumball. And the fucking cars are daily drivers. And in my original post i said who the fuck has been the lazy ass turd that keeps naming them? Really? Lol

    16. I have a nova. With my own hand built 383 in it. Im the warrantee. And its name is terrible terror. Bloody clit licker. Lol

    17. Rainbow side? What in the hell are you talking about?

      Yeah, grow up. Are you familiar with he term?

    18. Relax cabbott you can just put the smellcat badge on your rt its not like you can drive it anyways lol

    19. I don’t have Hellcat… or even a Mopar product. Nice try though.

      I’m done. Have fun whining about absolutely nothing.

    20. Justin knows because he saw it leaving his mother’s house. Sorry, you left wide open for that…..

    21. Justin Ladd – I drive a what? Surprised you still have time to comment because you haven’t taken all of the selfies yet.

    22. Mark Gideon – The Yenko name lives on. See the link above to thr 2017 Yenko Camaro (they also do a Yenko Corvette) by SVE.

    23. I dont give ashit if you drive a giant cock in your mouth dude. Fuck off

    24. The names of dodge cars are a joke and dont hold a candle to the real ones so fuck em. Junk

    25. Ooooo…. big Internet tough guy! We’re all really impressed.

      Now run along and go take another selfie.

    26. When you gonna shut up? You know youre named after a fucking toilet paper roll right lol

    27. Im the joke? Shit youre so easy its like a finger swipe in the Vaseline lol

    28. Took you all night to make a retarded coback holy fuck grow some ballslol

    29. Yeah, you’re a joke. You don’t know shit about cars and you just want to complain about dumb shit.

    30. Well you suck im hoping for more than this clown joke shit but you have no game. Dumb lol

    31. Did you notice my original comment could have been just to trigger a dumb fuck like you lol

    32. Lots of fun all idid is defend myself, really. From dudes that get triggered lol. Piece of cake, really. You guys are like bricks sometimes haha

    33. Thats what happens when you drink cheap beer and wipe your ass with cheap scott

    34. You. On my comment keep going.its you trying to get the last word thats what ugly bitches do lol

  1. Another city truck that’s a waste of 4 wheel drive . Never could figure why anyone would do that to a 4 x 4!!

  2. Saw this being tested in Marquette, MI as well. I live on their usual test route.

  3. Hope they have insane cokor options.cuz that doesn’t impress me Satan black with orange badging.or some plum crazy ..

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