Twin-turbo Viper-powered LMC Super Cuda shatters 200 mph against Ferrari Enzo

On December 1st at the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Michigan the folks from Legendary Motorcar brought out their custom 1970 Plymouth Twin-Turbo Super Cuda to race a Ferrari Enzo for an episode of ‘Dream Car Garage’. The LMC Super Cuda which packs a Viper V-10 twin-turbo setup took about seven thousand hours of work to complete by the team at Legendary Motorcar who set out to build a resto-mod muscle car that would rival the world’s most exotic super cars. With the build complete only one more goal remained, match the performance of an Enzo Ferrari and go over 200 mph. When the Cuda arrived at the track it was given an inspection by Chrysler engineers who gave it the ok to make the run around the track. the Cuda reached 208 mph on one of the straightaways. The goal would become reality at the Chrysler Proving Grounds where ‘Dream Car Garage’ host and Legendary Motorcar owner Peter Klutt pushed the Supar Cuda to the limit achieving their goal at 208 mph. On a separate run the Enzo reached it’s top speed of 218 mph which is impressive.

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Things have changed , The COST $4000.00 vs $60,000+ .

What End? NO End in Sight !

So true

The competition is necessary to keep those brands as hot as they can be. If corporate takes over, they're both dead.

Yes but in the sixties, we were earning 3.00 and hour now around 20.00 per hour

One of the best rivalries. Like the Red Sox and the Yankees.😎

Some things get uglier and cost more

That is so true but don't forget dodge challenger also a spoiler

Well.....they used to have to have drivers to race...

I would pick the gm old gm

'66 Ford Fairlane 500 GT-390.


Dodge is missing

And hopefully never will

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