True Stories of The Muscle Car Fan: Rare 429 Ford Barn Find

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It was about 4 years ago while checking out some local car ads when I came across and ad about a 1970 Ford Galaxie. The pictures shown were of a car that was barely recognizable because of the terrible photo's. It peaked my interest so I gave the number a call. It so happens that the car was a 1970 Ford XL that was being sold by the original owner. It had been put away for the last 16 years and he was ready to let it go. We talked some more and I found out that it had the original 429 4 barrel engine in fact the car was completely original except for a paint job done sometime in the 1980's. It had the horseshoe shifter, high bucket seats, C-6 transmission, horn blow steering wheel etc. It was actually outfitted as a 1969 Ford XL-Gt would have been.

It was located about 2 hours away but I still made the trip the next day. When I pulled up to the house, there it sat in all it's glory. It looked amazing for a car that had been sitting around for the last 15 years and it was starting to steal my heart. I could see it's amazing potential and really, where do you find a car like this and buy it from the original owner..I had to buy it.

We settled on a great price and because I traveled 2 hours to see it, I couldn't take her home that day as I couldn't obviously drive both cars but the owner happily agreed to drive it to me the next day.

Over the last few year I have had the engine rebuilt to factory specs, changed the gears and really just prettied it. I added Magnum 500 wheels, some cool striping and a functional scoop on the hood.
It is a big and beautiful car that is now my summer daily driver as well as my track warrior on the weekends (14 second car). This is a rare, underappreciated full size Ford that you don't see often (1640 XL's made in 1970) but when I get in it, there is no way anyone could wipe the smile off my face. That's my Ford barn find story. Cheers!

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Just learning on the Javelin with my grandfather, and father to fix anything it needed. I think I was about 12 when I first started falling in love with the car. I believe I was 13 when I first drove the car in and out of the garage supervised of course. Not long after just in/out of the garage I began to sneak the car for joy rides.....I remember my dad/mom getting a call from a neighbor who decided to crash my little party. They soon hid the keys and began to write milage down. After that, I found a 1973 Gremlin, my first purchase at about 15, then moved up to my 69 AMX 390 4sp that I beat to death driving daily to high school from about 98-2001. After I finally killed the 390, a friend I found out had a beautiful 70 AMX 390 4sp car locally and willing to sell. I borrowed some money from my dad and got it! Both cars I still own and are in great shape but need some TLC. My focus was always to fix up the Javelin so both cars still sit. Now w 3 young boys Braeden 8, Bryson 4, Owen 1 I can only hope to afford to finish them for their high school cars. The Javelin is now a fourth generation car and very loved by all of us. My AMC addiction is a true passion I live daily....I have added to my collection as well done very nice and close to be completed cars. The total AMC'​I own now are as follows. 69 AMX, 70 AMX, 72 jav AMX, 72 gremlin X v8, 73 hornet v8, 76 hornet AMX 4sp v8 clone, 79 Spirit GT 401 old race car.Glad to hear there's more than myself and the few others I know who like AMC's. It's always been fun owning the AMC cars,especially when not many people know what they are.

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