Why Carroll Shelby Made Bill Cosby A Super Snake

The story goes like this:
One day in 1966 Bill Cosby bumped into Carroll Shelby at a department store. Cosby was in the series I Spy. Shelby liked the show and Cosby.
Shelby chewed Cosby out for driving foreign exotic cars and prohibited Cosby from driving another foreign car. Cosby’s reply was that he had to have a car that went at least 180 MPH. Shelby said he was making a car that would go 200 MPH and made him one of the 2 Shelby Cobra Super Snake 427's known to ever exist. This one with an automatic.
The car was the CSX 3303 which was modified from a street legal 427 model to a 427 Cobra Semi-Competition (S.C.) after shipment from a European Tour back to Shelby in America.This happened sometime in early to mid-1967. This CSX3303, the Super Snake was reclassified as a 427 Cobra Semi-Competition (S.C.)
One night Shelby had his man Barry Galloway pay Cosby a visit at his home.Galloway rang the doorbell and handed Cosby the keys to the Super Snake. The twin Paxton supercharged 427, twin Holley Carb, 11:5:1 compression, Gaurdsman blue Super Snake with 900 HP and a 200 MPH speedometer was sitting in his driveway ready to drive. The 2280 lb car had a plaque signed by Shelby on the dash that read,”This car is guaranteed to do 200 mph.”
Cosby drove it once around the block and promptly gave it back to Shelby, fully paid for.He admits being scared to death driving this machine, as it was to fast for any sane person to drive.
The experience generated plenty of comic material for a Bill Cosby Album called, Bill Cosby 200 M.P.H.

True Stories of The Muscle Car Fan: Carroll Shelby, Bill Cosby & The Super Snake

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  1. A incredible car with incredible horse power an style to go along with that fantastic looking blue paint..I put this dude up against the new mustang, camaro, and hellcat and I’ll give you one HELL of a race..900hp in the palm of your hands..

  2. Right we will probably never see that race. The car pictured sold for 5.5 million at the Barrett Jackson auction

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