True Muscle Car Fan Stories: A Girl, A Dream, And a 67 Camaro RS/SS

This story was written By Vicki, one of our many Muscle Car Fan members.

It was 1984 when I first laid
eyes on my sister’s black, ‘67 Camaro RS/SS. It was love at first sight!

One day, she let me borrow it. All I remember is a few of us were on
our way to a party and everyone was so critical of me that I couldn’t drive a stick shift and make the car perform.
Nothing like a bunch of naysayers to bring my game to life!
Once we got out of town, on a dirt road no less, in Kingman,
Arizona, without a word I slowed her down and put her in
first gear. Clutch in, accelerator-foot ready, I slowly let
out the clutch, gently giving it some gas.
The car and I became one. I floored it. Wound out first gear, slammed second and we were haulin’ ass like it was nobody’s business!
Controlled fishtailin’, but no ditch-divin’, clutch-grindin’ or coughin’, I was in control, and the passengers knew it.
They were lit up, screaming and laughing. It was way cool.

Driving that Camaro was something like I’d
never done before. She had power.., and I had needed to
experience that. The feel of winding out and smoothly
hittin’ the gears, hearing the secondaries open up and the
dual exhaust rumbling throughout the car was a ride I’ll
never forget! I was the boss that day. God had given me the
confidence to drive it and I didn’t doubt my ability. I
gave that Camaro everything I had and I swore that some day
I’d have my own.

Ever since that day, I’d always admired the ‘67 Camaro RS/SS and all
muscle cars of that era. Finally, in 2013, I got busy
looking for one. On Craigslist, I found exactly what I
wanted. It was in Brooklyn, Michigan where my dream came
true. The car was almost perfectly restored and I was in
heaven! She was beautiful. The owner took me for a ride. I
wasn’t allowed to drive it until I bought it.

When she was mine and I pulled her out of his driveway. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I drove her calmly home. She was my baby, I was on top of the world.

Even though I loved the 50’s on the back with Cragar Mags
all around, I chose to swap them out a few weeks later for bias-style redline sidewalls and rally wheels.

The current drivetrain is a 350 4-barrel carb with a 350
turbo trans and a 12 bolt rear.One of these days, I’ll overhaul and install the matching numbers 350 – 295 hp, which came with the car when I bought
it. Until then and probably thereafter, I’ll drive her
like Miss Daisy.., until we’re alone..,hahahahaha!!!

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