Trivia #06 Horace and John Dodge


  • A resident of Massachusetts, Sylvester Roper, begins building steam powered vehicles in 1859.

1968 Cobra GT 500KR,

MCF thanks Gateway Classic Cars for image.

  • In 1895 Rudolf Diesel designs a diesel engine that will compress the fuel so much that it is ignited without need of a spark.
  • Two brothers named Horace and John Dodge begin a business in Detroit they call Dodge Brothers in 1900. The small company is very successful manufacturing quality parts for car builders.
  • There are more than 10 million cars on our roads by 1921, making it necessary for the American government to pass the Federal Highway Act, with a mandate to design and build the interstate highway system we have today.
  • Kiichiro Toyoda, in 1933, decides to add a motor vehicle division to his existing company.
  • In 1958, both Buick and Oldsmobile Divisions of GM introduce large, overweight, heavily chromed and ostentatiously flashy automobiles, setting a trend for the next few years.
  • The electronics manufacturer Panasonic and Tesla automobile builders sign an agreement in 2014 to jointly build a battery gigafactory.

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