Top Tips for Maintaining Classic Muscle Cars

Nothings beats a classic muscle car in perfect condition on a warm summer day. Keep your car in top shape with these easy to do tips.

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1. Change oil regularly

As a car ages, the oil pan tends to collect debris that can circulate in the engine and reduce engine life. Regular oil changes increase engine longevity.


2. Let your car warm up

A classic muscle car is not for regular day use. Before getting on the road, give the system time to burn off any remaining moisture in the exhaust pipes.

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3. Clean the car thoroughly

Before storing the car, clean it properly to get rid of anything that may stick to and ruin the paint. Additionally, chose a clean storage area to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt.

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4 thoughts on “Top Tips for Maintaining Classic Muscle Cars”

  1. I had a friend who had a 66 Galaxie. It was Black. Had a factory 428 with a 4 speed. I thought it was ugly. Wonder if he still has it? I’m not a hater. Don’t hate me because I’m truthful. Hah

  2. 1. Raise a mechanic to take over when you’re too old to wrench anything besides your back.

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