Top 10 Modern Crappy American Cars

27 thoughts on “Top 10 Modern Crappy American Cars”

  1. I knew a guy who had a ford 302 with a 4 speed manual in a Gremlin. And that thing moved.

  2. Why does everyone think the Gremlin was a crappy car? It was the first American sub compact, the only sub compact that could be bought with a factory V8 and didn’t blow up when you hit it in the rear end. Plus can your small block muscle car do this?????? Give the Gremlin and AMC a break…..

  3. They should add the Ford TBird convertible 2002-2005, pretty to look at total crap …I paid mine off 4 years ago but you’d never know it because it breaks down so religiously it’s just like having a car payment, to this day mine only has 104k miles on it, but I guarantee Ive spent about eight thousand dollars in repairs!

    1. I know but I’ve had three Mustangs and only one had a problem. .the intake manifold blew on it BUT, Ford reimbursed me for the $900 repair. …

  4. I can do that one better. A guy put a 426 hemi dual quads tunnel ram in a Gremlin. He had to sit in the back seat. In a 70 Challenger drag car that engine/car combo was untouchable in this area way………… back in the mid 70s.

  5. I will never forget when my Grandparents went from our home town of Seward Alaska to Anchorage Alaska with their beautiful Dodge Monico Brougham & came home after being talked into buying one of those crappy “K” cars by some scumbag. I was so pissed off. I thought my god that guy was stupid, My Grandparents would have bought a really nice car ? The doors on the piece of shit were like a inch thick is all, I couldn’t believe how cheap this chunk of shit was ?

  6. Had one of these aX with a3.5 rear end it could pop the pins in the rear window with the V8, fun car

  7. I have and I’ve my 1985 citation ll with the iron duke 2.5 efi

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