Tim Allen’s Car Collection of Authentic American Made Motors

Tim Allen may have more cars than necessary, but no one’s mad about it. He shares his private garage containing an eclectic collection of authentic American motors with everything from a 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C to a 1933 Ford Roadster that he built on the set of Home Improvement.

59 thoughts on “Tim Allen’s Car Collection of Authentic American Made Motors”

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    1. Too many years ago to even care about it. He paid his dues and bettered himself. Good for him.

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2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

Field of Dreams 51 Ford & 52 Olds left to sell ...

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Love them since I was a kid)))

Very NICE !!!!

Giovanni Gomes de Assis

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2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

About 60 vintage Vintage parts cars for sale in Michigan. Cadillacs, Olds... ...

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If you sell parts, I am looking for the chrome trim for back seats found on '58- '64 Cads., Buicks, Pontiacs, Olds. convertibles as pictured. Thanks Joe

My paradise!!! Leave me over there for the rest of my life!!!

Here is the picture. Joe

The ol Chevy tow truck

Would love to have the 396 and trans from the 66 Impala!!!

I like to have a 1960 model Cadillac how much for a decent body

whats the info on the GMC motor home

Wrre is this place

How much for the LaSalle?

I'll take that 53 Caddy! 💙👍

Any 60 Ventura or bonnievilles

Giovanni Gomes de Assis

Michele Volpones stupendo



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2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

1928 Chevy parked in 1955 pulled from garage in Lansing (home video) ...

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I don’t think this is about the quality of the video. Geese people, its about the truck. I’m wondering if there is more parts for this truck in the garage and if there is, I would like to see if it’s all there. Either way, it’s a great find.

The Rubber and rims...WOW!

Great view of the driveway.

Video is bad. Story is cool. I’ve driven by that garage most of my life and never seen anyone there.

This would be a nice project.

That's badass

Stop pointing the camera to the ground

Worst video I have ever seen

Skip the first 3 minutes and save yourself the time of watching this f@#&*% moron record the gravel and his shadow on the ground

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5 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

1931 Ford Model A for sale $11,200 almost perfect survivor ...

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I love it ! God !

I have a 1929 Model A, It's a fun car and easy to work on.

I found this jem,,yard decoration

My husband has a few model A's some of them are done and the rest are in pieces, I love taking long trips

That's a damn good price. I've seen them for thousands more!

1931 Ford Model A looks good, Clyde Harrell wrote Henrey Ford a letter thanking him for building Ford's telling him how reliable and durable the car is.

My grandparents went on their honeymoon in a Model T. It would have been so awesome if they had kept it all these years.

Nice 👍🏽 perfect with fabric upholstery

What a well made car and the motor runs like back in 1933...

very nice and nice to see a model A with a ford engine

Beautiful vehicle

Beautiful car...I wish!

Had one in all Black with Gray new interior and white pinstripes...

I just love this

Awww..i love it !!!

Would love to have it

Very nice car..wish I had the monie I would own it...

i wish, love the old stuff

It looks like the one we had but it has Michigan tags

Spectacular, splendid and so so special🙀❤️👍

I love old cars from 1920 to 1939

What a beauty !

Love 💘this


My uncle use to restore these!! 😳

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3 weeks ago

Muscle Car Fan

Friend searching for a 66-67 set of Chevelle Doors and a Trunk lid Contact Pat ...

Friend searching for a 66-67 set of Chevelle Doors and a Trunk lid Contact Pat

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Why do people keep putting mopars down the best of the best

I know where there is an SS for sale asking 8500 needs restoring ?

Make your own...


Jack the radiator cap up n drive a dodge under it..fixed..

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