These Are The Most Popular Classic Cars On Instagram

If you've ever wondered which classic models stand out on social media in terms of popularity, these graphs will give you a pretty good idea as far as Instagram is concerned.
This study was put together by Autonation, which examined over 198,000 Instagram posts, looking for the hashtags #ClassicCar and #CarShow in order to identify which models got the most mentions.

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42 thoughts on “These Are The Most Popular Classic Cars On Instagram”

  1. If only you would show the
    original “Eleanor”.
    You know, from the original
    H.B. HALICHI film.
    Not the remake with Nickolas Cage.

  2. Mustangs stand out on social media because of all the videos of them crashing on their way out of shows.

  3. Sad people only like one brand their all great classics and yes were is the Mopar’

    1. They were at the shop getting a “barefoot” gas pedal installed when this poll was taken.
      “My Hemi!”

    2. They were at the shop getting a “barefoot” gas pedal installed when this poll was taken.
      “My Hemi!”

  4. The vette and slomaro combined don’t add up to the Stang !! Ford – there is no substitute !!! :)

  5. Its all the tow truck drivers as they tow more mustangs then anything else…lmao

  6. Must be younger generation because there’s no Mopars and Chevelle should be higher they hold there money better than Vets

  7. I’m a die hard Ford man an I know this is bullshit Chevelle’s have always been on top hard to believe it’s only 5 percent

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That is the ugliest car I’ve ever seen whoever made that should be shot

Looked crappy. No longer a mustang look.

I think last weeks food just puked up 🤢🤮🤢🤮

.....with the water levels rising, again, Ford leads the way!!!!

This proves just how bad the drug problem is..........

Looks as sporty as a 4 door Dodge charger!Not my taste!

Sounds like Ford. Like the foreign matter, lines that look weak. Dodges lines match what's under the hood. They look like they'll do business on you, and they do. That Hemi head engine is no nonsense.

Rick Matt think gramps would approve??? lol

Aww so ugly i can’t look at that mustang lol

With the swollen out fenders and running board in between, it looks a little like the 1930s models. I for one kinda like it.

The only thing mustang about it is the hood ornament.

Still better looking that a new Camaro!

If I were going to commit to something like that it would be traditional why in the world would you put effort into something like that traditional is loved overall this thing is nothing but a giant mess

i guess my only question would be is "WHY" looks chessy in my opinion...thoughts anyone?

Biased fool lol who could say the bricky hellpig or the horrible looking camaro looks better at all??

I'm not believing it! Good for a laugh.

Would be interesting to see them make it.

O look it's a wide body.

Dont see any differnce than any other mustang 🤢🤢

that is the ugliest piece of s*** I've ever seen

No can't be this is a joke.

I love it look at the enormous number of people you can annoy!

Dubai I seen it uncovered. Thay have waste money

Cool, where can I get one.

Monte Steffan, you should trade that under powered 500 horse Mustang of yours for 1 of these!

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When you thought to lower your car was a good idea...


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You won’t even make it to the hospital with that piece of shit

Nikos Bagourakousii

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