These 6 Monstrous Muscle Trucks Are Some of the Baddest Machines Ever Made!

We’re plenty familiar with burly pickup trucks, right? Sure, they are powerful for towing and hauling, but that’s fat-strong, like the beefy guys who crush towering rec league softball home runs. What about fit-strong pro athletes? Yep, there is actually a group of fast-as-stink pickups that can run with anyone, and you didn’t even need to pay someone to bolt in a Hellcat engine for you.

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12 thoughts on “These 6 Monstrous Muscle Trucks Are Some of the Baddest Machines Ever Made!”

  1. Hey I order a 78 c10 454 shortbed truck,and still have it today and its like Rodney Dangerfield,it gets no respect

  2. Carl Naquin says:

    I remember the cays when pickup trucks were WORK VEHICLES, no comfort, no speed, just utility, those old straight six Fords were tops. a 223 six and three on the tree gor rge job done. Yes tge seat was bor comfortable, no ps, pb, a/v, just AM radio and a heater, those were real trucks. Now I do appreciate my comfy powerful 2002 Dodge Ram. but there’s aprice to be paid for the comfort and as for utility it has the eight foot bed and a REAR seat, so it’s all good

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