The War Camaro has Stealth Properties


The story begins when Helge Meyer, an officer with the Danish Special  Forces retired from the military and went home to Germany after Dessert Storm in 1991. A chance meeting there of Helge and an American G.I  led to an invitation to visit the Rhine Main Air Base commander a few weeks later. The two had discussion the plight of citizens in the Balkins and how they could help improve life for them. The Commander was also interested in a special project to help in Bosnia -Herzegovina by supplying medical, food or any other necessary items to improve the life of the children, the elderly and others in need, though-out war torn country. Helge readily agreed, and his Camaro was then specially outfitted by Air Force mechanics to a vehicle that will get the job done.

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The Camaro carries no weapons, but does have a 400 kg cargo carrying capacity. Just as importantly as cargo, Helge  must avoid the well equipped thugs, bandits, rebels or marauders of any other name that roam freely throughout the land. .This car has stealth properties, allowing Helge to travel virtually undetected and undetectable in the war torn area. The vehicle has all the safety plus avoidance systems available from the military although the upgrades are too numerous to list here.  A few of the modifications include-bullet proof Kevlar lined panels, Kevlar covered trunk,  infrared absorbing paint, mine pusher on the front bumper, foam filled “no-flat” tires, body armour, steel plate covered windows with peepholes and ground to air radio.

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The favored way of Helge to avoid unwanted contact while on a mission is under the hood of his Camaro and it is the 5.7 Liter V8 engine putting out 220 hp. When you hit the Nitro switch it will add another 200 hp instantly. This allows the car to do 0-200 km/h (124.27 mph) in 13 second burn, The War Camaro has served Helge and helped him to carry out his duties successfully for the last fifteen years.

For more on Helge Meyer (God’s Rambo) and the War Camaro -search the Rhein Main Air Base Germany on the Facebook site.


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