Tesla “S” Sedan is a Muscle Car for 2013

The 2013 Tesla is available to purchase as a four door sedan only but this is four years ahead of schedule for the company as well as a giant step ahead. The newly introduced “S” sedan is now wholly manufactured by Tesla and now on its own platform allowing for a variety of body styles with power options as well to be developed as their market share expands. Hopefully, at some point, this will allow the car to be marketed within the price range of any gainfully employed member of the population. The highest performance “S” sedan now develops 416 hp and delivers 443 lb-ft of torque will do 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 130 mph. The entry level sedan can be had for $49,000.00 US after the $7,500.00 tax rebate is claimed while the net price on the highest performance model should be under $100,000.00 for the bottom line.  This is the California MSRP and if the fuel savings are equated-the car is becoming very affordable. This could be the beginning of the direction all automobile manufacturers will be taking for the 21st century.

Tesla s sedan 2014© Maocheng | – Tesla Model S Pure Electric Vehicle Photo

The Tesla “S” Sedan first 1,000 units are the signature series and feature a roomy high -tech car interior; if it proves to be as reliable as the manufacturer claims then the future is now. While occupying the driver’s seat it is futuristic looking with the dash mounted 17 inch multi-function touch screen which is also built by Tesla. This screen is possibly the Achilles heel of the Tesla “S” as it controls all the main operating functions including radio, telephone, navigation, internet service, interior climate, as well as the motor to drive; there is no over-ride no alternative but to repair or replace it if it ceases to function. All you can do without the screen working is open the doors, put down the windows, and adjust the mirrors. Mercedes-Benz now owns Tesla shares with the “S”sedan now using some Mercedes technology. The new “S” will start automatically when you take the driver’s seat as long as you have the key in your pocket. Acceleration will be possible when the operator puts a foot on the brake and places the car into gear using the steering wheel mounted shift button. The car silently moves even as you accelerate which will create some problems as there is no warning noise given to pedestrians or other motorists that they are being overtaken other than the wind.

Tesla s 2014© Maocheng | – Tesla Model S Pure Electric Vehicle Rear View Photo

For the model “S” in 2013 there are still three battery packs to choose from as well as two motor choices offered. The entry level has the small motor and the base 40 kWh lithium-ion battery and this is good for 160 miles between charges while the 60 kWh pack will do 230 miles before the battery needs refilling but I have no performance data on these two choices. The most powerful battery is the 85 kWh package and with the smaller motor will give the Tesla 362 hp and develops 325 ft-lb of torque doing 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds and achieve a top speed of 125 mph. Both this version and the performance model are good for a 300 mile range before recharging according to the manufacturer. The performance “S” sedan specs are at the beginning of this article and all the batteries can be fully charged in 4 to 5 hours if a 220 volt outlet is used. The 2013 models handle much better than their older siblings smoothing out the rough surfaces and taking corners like it should Tesla has been hard at work making the more responsive and their attention shows a positive result.

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Things have changed , The COST $4000.00 vs $60,000+ .

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So true

The competition is necessary to keep those brands as hot as they can be. If corporate takes over, they're both dead.

Yes but in the sixties, we were earning 3.00 and hour now around 20.00 per hour

One of the best rivalries. Like the Red Sox and the Yankees.😎

Some things get uglier and cost more

I would pick the gm old gm

That is so true but don't forget dodge challenger also a spoiler

Well.....they used to have to have drivers to race...

'66 Ford Fairlane 500 GT-390.


Dodge is missing

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