Tesla Model S P100D Gets Called Out by 900 HP Hellcat, Shows Up for the Race!

The thing with running a YouTube channel that shows your Model S drag race activity is that you are going to attract a lot of attention. And while some of that might come from people interested in finding out more about the EV, others will inevitably want to race you.

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One thought on “Tesla Model S P100D Gets Called Out by 900 HP Hellcat, Shows Up for the Race!”

  1. I’ve said it for years. If they ever get the batteries figured out for electric cars. The internal combustion engine will never compete with it. Don’t get me wrong I love my gas powered muscle cars. But I saw writing on wall when I race electric RC cars that at scale speed ran 300-450 mph. Only for 5 minutes but it all about the batteries.

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A diamond in the rough....

Loved my '72. would'nt stop, would'nt corner, ran like hell !!

71 RoadRunner, last year of the 383. Different grille and side marker lights than 72

Looks like a 72 Plymouth Roadrunner.

1972 or later, look at side marker lights

1972 GTX Roadrunner didn't have the 440

71 Road Runner I know because I have a 72

1971 Plymouth Road Runner

71 Plymouth roadrunner !

71 Plymouth Roadrunner (y)

1959 Nash. Lol just kidding. It's a 1971 Roadrunner

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner.

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

1973 Plymouth road runner

Kinda brings back memories

Road runner, GTX, Satellite

1948 Tucker Torpedo.

1970 or 71 Plymouth GTX I'm guessing

Nope 72 roadrunner

71 Roadrunner

72 I believe.

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

71 roadrunner

71 Roadrunner

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