Tesla Electric Muscle 2010 to 2012

The Tesla Roadster for the 2010 model year has received a number of revisions making the car much more driver/passenger friendly than in 2006. The electric motor has increased efficiency with hand wound stator and now generates more kilowatts of power for each ampere produced. The suspension is manually adjustable as are the shock absorbers; the front and rear sway bars also can be fine-tuned to meet any driving demands. The body sports clear coated carbon fiber accenting and a major unseen improvement is the pellets that expand by 50% injected into the body panels and chassis side rails effectively reducing noise levels in the cabin, vibration level, and rattles. Push the entry button and the gull-wing door automatically lifts to reveal a more uptown interior with carbon fiber accents, leather wrapped locking glove box, and leather covered seats welcome occupants. The driver has a push button gear selector and centrally located, on the dash, a display screen gives real time updates on necessary data-such as battery power in reserve, power being regenerated, and less needed info including how much fossil fuel has been saved to date. The upgraded creature comforts include air conditioning and a heater, that when activated immediately begins distributing warm air. Each feature above is either included or available as an option on the original roadster model. Tesla Corporation, in an effort to show the practicality of the latest variation, has a unit leave the Geneva Motor show in mid-March 2010 beginning an around the world trip that ends in Paris on September 28, 2010.

Tesla Roadster 2011© Southernstar71 | – Tesla Roadster Race Of Champions – Geneva 2011 Photo

July 2010 sees the release of the upgraded “Roadster 2.5”; it looks good with directional forged wheels in two color choices, a redesigned front fascia, front defusing vents, and a rear defuser as well. A number of new improvements are integrated inside including larger, more comfortable seats with a lumbar support and a 7 inch touch screen with a back-up camera is an available option. The “2.5” has added power control hardware to allow high performance driving in very hot climates and the cabin sound deadening has been kicked up a notch with a new material added inside the front fenders. The newly styled Roadster is offered as a prize on the “Price is Right” television show entitled the “Golden Road” in celebration of “Earth Day” in April 2010. The value placed on the Tesla for the T.V. show is US$112,845.00. The car is an effective sustainable energy promotional tool.

The Tesla Corporation purchased the last 2,500 Lotus Elise glider frames before their contract with Lotus ran out at the end of 2011. These will be used as the chassis for the roadsters until the inventory is depleted. The Tesla had an exemption from the two stage air bag ruling in the US which expired at  the end of 2011The last order for a Roadster sold in America is taken in August 2011 although the Roadster will still be sold in Europe, Asia, and Australia. As of December 2012 the Tesla Company still has remaining Roadster models in stock which are still for sale in Asia and Europe. Tesla announced the new generation, on a Tesla chassis, would be available in the North American market place by 2018 as the “S” model and would feature more comprehensive improvements, features, and a larger choice of models.

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Great discovery work.Now I wish to put it like original mode.

Very cool



you are funny

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62/63 Galaxie 406 Tri power

FE Ford Engine 390, 406, or 427

Look like a old 390 Ford intake

Ford FE engine, 390, 427/8

440 six pack. 1970 Roadrunner. Mopar engine.

Definitely Ford from firing order.

Dodge or Plymouth 340 6 pack set up

390, 406, 427 FE Ford engines

406 Ford Hi-po FE engine.

It’s from a Ford engine the clue is it doesn’t run anymore 😂

Dodge or Plymouth six pack

Tri power ford 390 ,406 or 427

That's got to be out of a 1978 Chevrolet Chevette. The SS with the super double wing and sitten on 28s

2200 Chevy s10 engine

Had a ford firing order on the intake, but the valve cover seat on the intake is throwing me. Special intake for maybe a 351 clevor?

389 Pontiac 64 GTO

Definitely not Dodge it's from a Ford

Has to be Ford cylinder marks show 6-7-8 all on one side.

389 Pontiac tri-power 64-65 gto

Dodge - Plymouth - Chrysler 426 Hemi: the Elephant Engine

Firing order looks like Ford 390/427/428

this intake came off a 406 fe 1962 ford

Briggs and Stratton 5 hp mini bike engine.

Ford only !!!! 352,360,390, 406,403, and 428

Either 389 Pontiac Or Mopar

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Cant beat a Chevy

Love it, in high school I cruised around in a 1933 Chevy pickup my boyfriend had.

It's got radrod potential..

Awesome find!


Great job.Now the reconstruction.


Love it

Sweet find



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