Street Test: 2200 hp Red Victor One Goes 0-60 in 1 Second. Fastest Car?

Street legal Red Victor is a non-production car built by Englishman Andy Frost.This street legal beast is a 1971 Vauxhall Victor street legal non production car car powered by a 2,200 bhp, twin-turbo 9.8-liter V8.Here is a youtube video of it drag racing and driving on the street.It flie to 60 mph in 1 second and runs the quarter in 7.8 seconds at 183.07 mph.

2200 hp Fastest Street Lega Car[/caption]

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Nothing beats the smell of burning rubber. ... See MoreSee Less

Nothing beats the smell of burning rubber.


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Them racing days are over for me.

Nice Monte. My 1975 will be ready for the road this year. I'm getting very excited.




Race gas 🤔..... 🤣😂🤣

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