Story/Review: 1972 Chevrolet Vega Yenko Stinger in Orange Paint & Engine Sound

We’re looking at the 1972 Chevrolet Chevy Vega Yenko Stinger in Orange Paint.

The car’s Owner is Mark Hassett. Mark is a “Yenko Car Guy”. He has a Yenko Camaro, Chevelle, and Nova. All are painted Orange. So when he saw this one come up for sale, he wanted to have it to round out his Orange Yenko Car Collection

30 thoughts on “Story/Review: 1972 Chevrolet Vega Yenko Stinger in Orange Paint & Engine Sound”

  1. Looks like a crossbreed between a Camaro and a Maverick.Engines were garbage

  2. One day my dad picked me up at school . We went to Smith chevy dealership in Gastonia NC . We walked into the showroom there it sat the factory HP Vega . Dad said your mother and I think this is the car for you . But my dumb ass had my heart set on a old Nova a friend had setting behind his house . What a mistake I made .

  3. I had a 72 that I dropped a 327 / 330 HP with a power glide transmission. It was a real sleeper. From 40 to 90 there wasn’t much that could touch it. I miss that one. Sold it to a high school kid and hr wrapped it around a phone pole 2 weeks later.

  4. Never knew Yenko did one of these Ed Boland. Tims neighbor has a Cosworth in mint condition. And he has his 63 Nova SS 327 4SPD he bought brand new also a 63 Nova rag top.

  5. Had a 1972 GT in 8 months driver’s side front fender rusted through on top fender, engine smoked so bad at 30,000 miles a guy next to me at a traffic light asked if I was cooking burgers under the hood, after two years had to get rid of it!

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