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Do A Stock-Looking 1,000HP Fuel System So No One Can Tell!

The intention for Project Cool Blue—our ’65 Coronet—is to be a stock-looking sleeper. Unbeknownst to others, under its stock flat hood will be a Ray Barton-built 528 Street Hemi with a dyno-proven 825 hp. From behind, that stealthy/stock look will continue on, sporting the stock gas tank, leaf-spring suspension, and stock-looking down-swept tailpipes from TTI Exhaust. We didn’t want an unsightly tank sump with hoses hanging underneath out back, nor did we want a fuel cell in the trunk when we were fueling up at a gas station, and we certainly didn’t need a super-loud high-pitched whine announcing the movement of hundreds of gallons of fuel.

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1969 the best, a 68 will do!

I don't even know what the first pic is;)

Eh I'm more of those gpu but the car is good also

Always loved the GTX..

That's a70 GTX and I'll take it

Read um and Weep, my kind will rock you to sleep!

Tesla: I heard you like GTX so I put GTX in your car.

I'll take the top any time...


1969 best car I ever had

Yup mine too!!😀

Um, can you say roadrunner 🤔

69 for me, maybe a 68. 70 nope.

Amen brother

Super bee rules

Close enough


W Elijah Porter

Josh Towe

Habibur Rahman Habib

Anthony Simonson

Lachlan Brooks

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