Steve McQueen, The Chase, And The Bullit 68 Mustang GT

Steve McQueen has raised the stature of the Mustang GT more than almost any actor,except maybe the original 1974 Gone In 60 Seconds movie.
With outstanding chase scenes, the movie won an academy award for best editing. The chase scene alone is 10 minutes and 53 seconds of a 390/325 hp 68 Mustang GT, 4 speed fastback. The Mustangs' engines, brakes and suspensions were heavily modified for the chase by veteran car racer Max Balchowsky. Ford also originally lent two Galaxie sedans for the chase scenes, but the producers found the cars too heavy for the jumps over the hills of San Francisco. They were replaced with two 1968 375 hp 440 Magnum V8-powered Dodge Chargers. The engines in both Chargers were left largely unmodified, but the suspensions were mildly upgraded to cope with the demands of the stunt work.(wiki)
McQueen, an accomplished driver, drove in the close-up scenes, while stunt coordinator Carey Loftin, stuntman and motorcycle racer Bud Ekins, and McQueen's usual stunt driver, Loren Janes, drove for the high-speed part of the chase and performed other dangerous stunts. The Mustang’s interior rear view mirror goes up and down depending on who is driving: when the mirror is up, McQueen is visible behind the wheel, when it is down, a stunt man is driving.

The black Dodge Charger was driven by veteran stunt driver Bill Hickman, who played one of the hitmen and helped with the chase scene choreography. The other hitman was played by Paul Genge, who played a character who had ridden a Dodge off the road to his death in an episode of Perry Mason ("The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise") two years earlier. In a magazine article many years later, one of the drivers involved in the chase sequence remarked that the stock Dodge 440s were so much faster than the Mustang that the drivers had to keep backing off the accelerator to prevent the Dodge from easily pulling away from the Mustang.

The last remaining Charger and one of the two Mustangs were scrapped after filming because of damage and liability concerns, while the other was sold to an employee of Warner Bros.[26] The car changed hands several times, with McQueen at one point making an unsuccessful attempt to buy it in late 1977. The current state and location of the surviving Mustang is largely unknown, but it is rumored that the Mustang is kept in a barn somewhere in the Ohio River Valley by an unknown owner.[27] In late February/early March 2017, classic Ford expert Kevin Marti conclusively determined from the VIN and other identifying information that a 1968 Ford Mustang found in a Baja California Sur [Mexico] junkyard is in fact the movie set Mustang reported to be scrapped, and the new co-owners plan to have it fully restored in the U.S.(wikipedia)

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How hellish? Try 840 horsepower.

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14 thoughts on “Dodge gets demonic with 840HP Challenger Demon!”

  1. It has 1023 hp in power mode 3. Must buy the crate PC. Extra $3000. That’s the level that went 9.65 @ 140.09 mph in track mode 100 octane fuel.

  2. the only people who would want this are rich kids who have rich parents, its not ideal for an every day car, its not ideal for anything except racing, so why make thousands? and a trans brake? this car is gna have so many issues man

    1. Why do people have to hate on everything?
      It’s a badass car, just appreciate it knowing you can’t afford one, just like you could never afford a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

    2. It’s a nice car yeah. But here is my issue. 1. It’s still heavy as hell. Almost a truck. 2. Can’t steer or corner worth a damn. 3. The hellcat has enough trans issues. So then there gna really ramp it up and add a trans brake. There will be so many issues it’s gna be horrendous. If you want a drag car. Mustang and camaro have better options already. I don’t see a major market. The new vettes can do this and actually be an everyday car.

    3. You can already buy a Drag Pak Dodge Challenger to compete with the Mustang and Camaro(none are street legal)

      The Demon is a factory warranty Drag car that you can drive on the street, if you bought it to drive on the racetrack with turns you are a fucking idiot.

    4. This is gna be a real shitty ride if it’s not on a drag strip. And even the drag pak can’t compete with the cobra jet and copo. The only place for this is to roll cage it and drag race. That’s it.

    5. The Drag Pak Challenger most definitely competes with the Copo and the Mustang.

    6. Mat Hannah people hate mopar because they own chevys, also mopar dominated the 50s 60s 70,s in nascar king richard 200 wins 27 in 1 yr, 10 in a row,, an they dominated the top fuel,,

  3. Dodge is like the Kawasaki of the car industry. They are the one who will build that one or 2 models that others won’t build. Don’t try to pretend that Chev or Ford can’t put out a supercharged Camaro / Mustang that could run with this if not eat it for breakfast. Props to Chrysler for having the balls to do this but I can see a few of the below mentioned “rich kids” do their X Box best and mash the pedal to the ground and go flying off the road at the next corner or under the back of a semi truck!

    1. You would almost think this would be a liability in the wrong hands on the street and i would imagine insuring it would be exspensive

  4. All cars that run 9.99 without a cage cant run. My vette is a non-production modified car so they boot me when I drop below 11.5.

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