SRT Viper 5 gen 2013

The 2013 Viper has an all aluminum 8.4 liter V8 engine putting out 640 hp (477 kW) with a Tremec  T6060 six speed manual transmission. The handling is improved with electronic stability control and traction control, the braking is better with four channel anti-lock as well as the four piston Brembo aluminum fixed calipers to stop the vented rotors.

Dodge Viper 2013© Etstock | - Sports Cars -Red Dodge Viper SRT 2013 Photo

Some driver refinements are a 4" display in the instrument cluster to display system messages an has controls to turn the traction control and the stability control off while the track mode has a built in timer, timer display, and “stop light”. The interior is more pleasing with other basic features such as cruise control, wheel mounted controls, the customized full color instrument cluster with gun metal trim, and the Harmon Kardon audio system with blue-tooth audio streaming are standard as is the 8.4’ touch screen display. Sirus-XM satellite radio, HD radio, and a built in HDD for storing music are also available. The SRT Viper GTS comes with leather Sabelt racing seats with complementing accented colors in doors, center console complete with integrated passenger grab handle as well as two HVAC outlets. The gun metal trim is on the window switch bezels, shifter base, and parking brake bezel with any stitching color coordinated. The bi-exnon projector headlamps for night driving with visibility improved by the LED signals and running lamps; the tail lights are also LED with a snakeskin textured lens caps. Other optional offers are the power seats, heated seats, a Garmin navigation system, and keyless entry. The shell is Kevlar and fiberglass with carbon fiber hood, roof, deck lid  and aluminum door panels. There are four six spoke “rattler” wheel rims of forged ultra-lightweight aluminum with a choice of finishes of polished face with graphite painted pockets or fully painted hyper black and fully painted low gloss black to set off the Perelli P Zero Corsa tires. This Viper is able to do 206 mph 331 km/h) and has the new moniker of “Stryker”. There is also a 2013 SRT Viper GTS-R for racing; its designed for the GT class in the American Le Mans Series

Dodge Viper red 2013 ID 38187524 © Steve Lagreca |

The 2013/14 SRT Viper TA (time attack) is a 33 unit limited edition version of the SRT Viper couple with the Perelli tires mounted on the Sidewinder II rims with the Bilstein Damptronic two mode suspension having a stiffer and closer range of adjustments than the SRT Viper GTS. The aluminum structural “X” brace is replaced with a carbon fiber version to reduce weight and the brake calipers have a black anodized finish sporting the Viper logo in Crusher orange. This special edition is painted crusher orange with black 2D TA logo behind each front wheel and the black Stryker logo in the front fascia. The interior is black with the Crusher orange stitching on the cloth seats, instrument panel, and throughout the interior as a finishing touch. The advanced aerodynamics package has carbon fiber splitters and rear spoiler with carbon fiber appliqué covers the rear width to complete the detailing.

Dodge Viper racing 2013© Swtrekker | - 2013 SRT (Dodge) Viper Photo

This Vipers top speed is 206 mph (331.5 km/h) and it beat the Corvette ZR1  for the  best time at Laguna Mazda Seca by 1.33.62 seconds with the Corsa tires and was still quicker with racing slicks.

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