Slow Car Makes Blind Overtake And Regrets It Bigtime!

If you’re impatient but doesn’t have a fast car to keep up with your hot head.

then you’ll probably end up crashing to an oncoming car with an overtake attempt just like this car below.

This car with unreliably slow engine decides to overtake a semi truck only to crash head-on with an oncoming truck.

First fault here is of course the driver’s impatience and the second one is his awful driving skills.

He probably panicked and hit the brakes but wasn’t able to stay straight that it swerved unto the oncoming truck.

13 thoughts on “Slow Car Makes Blind Overtake And Regrets It Bigtime!”

  1. Let’s see if there are any special individuals that will believe that the truck that the car was overtaking should have moved over for them

  2. Relax, it’s a Lada. Nothing 5 minutes with a hammer, screwdriver and a rubber band won’t fix…

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