Single Plane vs Dual Plane Manifolds

Do you know the difference between a Single and Dual Plane intake manifold? Edelbrock is here to clear that up and make sure you have the correct manifold for your application and use.

4 thoughts on “Single Plane vs Dual Plane Manifolds”

  1. In theory everything they said was correct. Only way to really know is to try different intakes on your particular set up. Jay Brown did this with the Big Block Ford Fe and the old Edelbrock Street Master single plane intake from the 70’s was the HP and Torque champion up to 600HP. Everyone considered it a dog until Mr Brown did his tests. You could pick them up for practically nothing on eBay. After his tests they went from $50 bucks to $200-$300 bucks for a used one. I was lucky that I picked one up in the 1980’s cheap just because it said Edelbrock and was aluminum.

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