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The Rebel made its first appearance as a V8 power option for the Rambler Classic in 1957; it was only available for the one year. The Rebel made a reappearance as a two door coupe in 1966;  this time as a luxury option for the Classic featuring special trim, bucket seats, and a revised roof line.

AMC Rebel side 1970


© Raytags | – Classic Car Photo

The 1967 Rebel name plate replaces the Classic as the Rambler Corporations mid-sized line and the car has a 2’ (50 mm) longer wheel base than the Classic and it is wider by 4’ (100 mm)  as well.  The medium sized Rebel now has as much room as the full sized cars from G.M. and Ford. Rambler refers to the Rebel as a functional family car with style.  A two door coupe is available with a flip out rear side windows but for only in ‘67 and a convertible model as offered for ’67 and ’68 only. From 1967 to 1970 the other models offered are a two door hard top, two door sedan, four door sedan, and a four door wagon. The entry level is the 550, one step up the 770, and the top of the line is the SST. Rambler introduced newly designed six cylinder engines in 1964 but the Rebel name plate introduced a whole new line of V8 engines. The 290 cu in (4.8 Liter) as well as a 343 cu in (5.6 Liter) that produces 280 hp (209 k W) at 4,800 rpm with the four barrel and dual exhaust. In ’67 AMC abandoned the torque tube and introduced an open drive shaft and another big change is in the rear suspension with a trailing arm live axle and coil springs to smooth out the ride. New safety features are the dashboard is pushed forward away from the driver with the accessible controls and gauges are in a protective housing with a collapsible steering wheel as well.

AMC Rebel 1970

© Ananthkrish | – 1970 AMC Rebel Car At The Car Show Photo

Power for the 1967 Rebel SST is the 343 cu in (5.6 liter) and does turn this car into a economy minded persons muscle car. The fuel consumption for highway trips can also be kept down with the overdrive feature on the transmission. The hard top version can do 0-60 (97 km/h) in 9 seconds with a top speed of 110 mph (177 km/h) and in the passenger compartment it remains quiet with great sound proofing. In the tradition of AMC the car has reclining seats with back rests and self adjusting seat belts.

The 1968 Rebel is no longer a Rambler – it now belongs to the reorganized AMC family. However the appearance of the car changes little with a light alteration of trim, a wrap around bumper, with altered grill and updated tail lamps.  This is the last year for the convertible but it is an offering for the first time on the 550 base models. The addition of a few new safety features includes side marker lights, shoulder harnesses in front, paddle style flush mount inside door handles, and the elimination of bright trim inside the cabin to minimize reflections. Under the hood Rebel SST comes with a 290 cu in (4.8 L) V8 but the company introduces an optional 390 cu in (6.4 L) V8 engine producing 315 hp (235 kW; 319 PS) and the Rebel representing AMC is seen on the race track for the first time. For the economy minded other models can be ordered with the 232 cu in (3.8 L) six cylinder engine.




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