Me and this RT go way back to 1970. I knew where it was all the time. You see I married the girl that owned this Beauty back when she bought it new in April of 1970. We were married in 71. At the time I had a 68 GTO 400 HO 4-speed, 3.90 gears. We would tow the Goat to Richmond Dragway with this very 70 Challenger. We went our separate ways in 78 but I kept my eye on this car. This week she decided to sell and I had the first chance.


  1. 383 magnum. Great car.
    I worked with two guys that had challengers.
    B5 blue, white vinyl top white interior 340 4 speed.
    Hemi Orange 340 4 speed black interior. I thought they were great cars.

  2. There is no sign of any trailer hitch . How did you tow the other car to the dragstrip ??

    1. Back in them days you could get a hitch that would go on the bumper of the car. U- Haul had them back then. I towed many cars that way.

  3. Burnt Orange with a Blue interior not the best combination , nice car though . I had a 70 CUDA’ Lime Green 340 4spd. Loved that car !

  4. A 70 Challenger R/T in ANY color and a garage find no less!! Is so cool! I’d give the keys to my new Challenger as partial down pmt for this very special Mopar.

  5. Burnt Orange is beautiful, especially when it’s buffed out and gleaming.

  6. I was lucky enough to see all those Bad Boys growing up in a small town that had a booming Chrysler Plymouth Dodge dealership !!!

  7. Had one, color purple with flat black locking hood, one of my favorite cars, wish I still had it.

  8. It’s not a barn find . It’s belonged to your ex wife & was in her garage. Just saying. Still a great car

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It can actually go for more than that

Michele Mebane Cohen show lee

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That little area there at the fair was and always is my favorite. I miss the tractor shows they used to have in Memphis years ago at the Lions Club

Oilfield stuff.

Will someone please make this guy a proper sign board? The card board and marker looks like shit

No it's not my club has much bigger one

ive seen bigger on youtube a few times lol

Looks like an ajax

stump pulling torque !

Raymond Francis

Looks like an Ajax to me ☠️😍

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Beautiful car. I’d drive that obviously on nice Sundays. 👍👍

classic got to love it!

That was my first car loved it

Very nice looking

Wow love it!

Beautiful car

Nice car



I'm in love with her😍

Beautiful Car

Had ! '69 Impala convertible...loved it!

Beautiful car

My first car in 1976

Sweet ride like what been changed. Looks very nice

Never heard of for speed

If it has a 350 in it it's not original!

Gorgeous JUST Gorgeous looking ride thanks for sharing

Very beautiful car.

My favorite classic!

Very nice car I wish they would've turn the engine on so we can hear it what's the point of just looking at it

One sweet looking impala

Very nice/Nice ride too! 😀👍

My first car was a 65 Impala


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