Rare Barn Find !! 1971 Cuda 440-6 Barrel – 1 of 17 V-Code Convertibles Built – Road Test TV

Video of a very rare 1971 PlymouthCuda Convertible powered by its original 440-6 Barrel engine (called 440-6 pack when installed in Dodge cars). This rare fish had been sitting in storage for approximately 35 years before it was recently uncovered. The letter “V” in the VIN of this ‘Cuda confirms it’s a real deal 440-6 Barrel which makes it a very rare car as only 17 V-code Cuda convertibles were built in 1971.

11 thoughts on “Rare Barn Find !! 1971 Cuda 440-6 Barrel – 1 of 17 V-Code Convertibles Built – Road Test TV”

    1. Back then you could order a car like a sub at subway. So some of the really rare options were because some cool dude knew what he wanted to order.

  1. I know where another one is just like it, currently mid-restoration, but been that way for years.

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2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

Well this one got away. It was a good try though it was a good effort though. ... See MoreSee Less


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How much did it go 4

Need to find a t top car

I’d drop a 3.0 PowerStroke into this

You can get fined for having trash laying around !

2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

Should I buy this? 302 4 speed in barn for 15 yrs ... See MoreSee Less


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Save your money !!!

V8 pinto

I would buy it

Yes, if the price is reasonable, whatever that means.

yes , they are hard to find

Heck yes I would.

Only good thing is the engine...I had 2 of them...cheaply built

I'll give them $500 right now!


I’ll take it


Yes, don't see many.



Yes if it’s not to expensive

Iv had a couple of these if you need some parts i still have some

Cobra II, yes, for a good price.

Hell yes

Hell yea if the price is right

If the price is right. When we was in middle and high school, if you had this or a cobra or king cobra, you were popular

I wouldn't haul it off for free but do you


Depends on the price would make a cool race car

Oh yeah

If it’s a real Cobra 🐍 then yes!!

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2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

Should I buy this? ... See MoreSee Less


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Yep ! Buy it ! Nice project car !

This was mine and it was a BEAST!

I had one years ago, I bought it for my then wife now Ex, I put a lot of time and work on it . Sad to say we broke up, she kept it for awhile then sold it traded it ,or something. It had a 302at, T-tops . Yellow and black interior. Oh well .

Yes I want one. They are the most undervalued Mustang our there. I'll take it.

yes, quite uncommon

Yes.This friend must be save.

I had one bought it all ready set up to begin with, had a special motor with a duel feed holy four barrel carb I had 50’s and 60’s for tires that was a big thing back then and definitely had to put latter bars to stop the wheel hop it had a certain whistle when you stomped on the throttle. I was racing and beating brand new 1980’s mustangs ! That was my best car believe it or not! I’ve seen other mustang 2’s Cobra 2’s what ever nothing like that car! Only people that I know and that saw the car could appreciate it because I would be saying what a lot of people are saying on this post that they are junk and a joke like I said someone very smart and that knew what they were doing built one hell of a MACHINE!

<$2000, maybe. What are restored Cobra II Mustangs going for? Will cost of restoration exceed that?

Yes for heart, no from wallet. I had one 30 some years ago. Not exactly a race car. Unless you strait line it.

Had a 1976 cobra II was a blast miss it lots.

I'd buy it if the price was right

yes buy-in for the right price

Scrap,just kidding

I would

Damn straight if you don’t I will thats some good money right there

I would get it

Yes if the numbers match. Restore or race, that depends on the price. You already know what you want, just buy the thing.

Hell yea I'll buy it.

If would be worth 10% of the cost of restoring it after you were finished. Not a good investment. Pick something that has parts available. The cost of restoring is based on how much labor you do yourself and your skill level.

How much they asking? How much you got? Got access to parts, tools, storage and support? Now, with all resources known, you can decide. Good luck!

No. Not worth restoring. Bad year. Maybe a gasser..maybe.

Not a fan of the Mustang 2, I did have one of these for a short time, not much performance from that 302 2-barrel, maybe 170 hp

Looks like a flood car. $500 take a chance.

I have a friend with one the same exact color combo and his needs restored too! He needs a new hatch. His is rusted! And it’s all original!!!!How much are they asking??? I’d buy it!!!!!!

They were shot when new

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3 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

This Chevelle is a 1968.
Robert has the best correct answer-there is a vent window on the front of each door making it a 1968-in '69 the no-draft, vent or wing window was deleted. Ed agrees but thinks the grill may not be correct-without bow-tie logo
Jim gets no cigar and is one of many to say its a 69
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Beautiful Bow tie!

I had a 69 SS 396 Delux 300 that had wing windows and posts! It was rare. Wish I still had it.

Marker lites look a little high and a little small for a 68 but I could b wrong this is my 68

Without question it is Frankenstein, front is 69, doors are 68 and so are the taillights, who cares it's nice.

Look at the Tail lights! I believe it is a 1968 with a 1969 grille.

68 also had chrome accented grills. 69 was black grill...nice ride

Is 69 the year,of astro ventilation?just wondering with the elimination of vent windows.

Those were fun days

The front bumper looks like a 69

He right it’s a 68 with the wrong grill.

69 grille insert, no badges on Fender park lamps.

It does have a blue bow tie.

Easiest way to tell is look at her ass end

69 post models had wing windows


Sick ride

I had one ss396 four speed it ran like a stripped ass ape

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3 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

Low miles 64 falcon sprint convertible 351 Cleveland built for speed 411 posi for sale ... See MoreSee Less

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