Police search for 1968 Chevy Chevelle stolen from Myrtle Beach hotel

The Myrtle Beach Police Department is looking for a stolen 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle.

An incident report from police says the car was stolen March 15 from a parking garage at the Landmark Hotel, located at 1501 South Ocean Boulevard. The vehicle owner says he parked the classic car on the 5th floor of the garage. The car was locked when he left it, and he still had the keys in his possession when you called police the next day.

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9 thoughts on “Police search for 1968 Chevy Chevelle stolen from Myrtle Beach hotel”

  1. should be easy to find, just get a 440 roadrunner and drive the streets. once he see that chevelle has no chance to outrun the Mopar

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3 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

Another friend of mine is selling his 71 Chevelle 454 automatic He wants 16,000 located in Michigan ... See MoreSee Less


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Wish I still had mine and could afford this one.

This is my 71, I'm keeping her though!!!!!

Bryan Sumner

Lot of rust on this one. Someone better be ready for a ton of work. I’d say this is closer to a 8-10k car in Florida.

Amber Renee Lee

I'll take it

Wish it was a 70 🤤

I had that my time...1972... I miss it😔

If I win the lottery tonight we’re doing burnouts tomorrow night

Ohhh Yeahhh !!! 👍🏻🏁💯


How much.......

En France ça vaut 30000 35000€!

Ryan Amend

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4 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

Friend of mine has this 66 Mustang for sale engine 6 cyl 3 speed stick and trans or comes with a new floorboard. Been in his family. Grandfather bought new in Dearborn . Never wrecked, original paint.

new. Wants 1800 has a title motor trans needs work
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Thinking worth every penny of the price

that's pretty cheap wish had the space and money.😔

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6 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

1928 Chevy truck running after over 50 years in a barn ... See MoreSee Less


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Of course, its a Chevrolet..


Wow sounds good too!!

Hamza Bin Arif

1 week ago

Muscle Car Fan

Off goes the 1928 Chevy. Restore.... or Rat Rod? ... See MoreSee Less


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Driving a Ford? Put a rollback body on the old Chevy, if you drive Ford's eventually you'll need a reliable tow truck

Will make an awesome rod


Restore Restore Restore Got to keep those old Chevrolets alive!!


Restore it make it a hot rod




I say restore it!

Slip a 572 big block in her and cruise.


Street rod. Keep America Beautiful.


Cool old truck why don't we see the old Chevy,'s very often



Pulled by Ford as usual


Street rod

Restore it



Drop a Coyote in it

Restore it

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