Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 1961 images

The Dynamic 88 was a top seller for Oldsmobile for 15 years-from 1950 through 1974, The Dynamic 88 was an image leader for the company-its relatively light weight coupled with a powerful engine qualify it as a muscle car. The standard equipment engine is a 394 cu in Rocket V8 with a two barrel carburetor yields 250 hp (186 kW) while the higher compression Skyrocket V8 version, mounted with a four barrel, puts out 325 hp (242 kW).

MCF would like to thank Gateway Classic Cars for the images reproduced here

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One thought on “Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 1961 images”

  1. Carl Naquin says:

    My best friend’s first car was a ’63 olds 98 with bucket seats and the big 390 engine a/c and all power accessories, he bought it from an older gentleman in our senior year of high school. It hada badly faded metallic “pink” paint that we got very clean but was beyond restoring gloss with any polish or wax. it served him well from ’69 to ’76. Yes, it liked to use gas, but at $.32 a gal. for premium it was not so bad even though we were working for two bucks an hour part-time.

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