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Is It Okay To Skip Gears In A Manual Transmission?

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63 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Skip Gears In A Manual Transmission?”

  1. NO NO NO !!!!! There’s a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t!!!!!! The main reason your fuel mileage and if you don’t care what your doing to your engine then fine- it’s called wear and tear people!!!!! You don’t need to use granny gear BUT Don’t Skip Gears!!!!!!

    1. Tony: it’s called a ‘ block change’ it won’t kill your car and is best used at motorway speeds (for example 4th straight to 6th is my normal change).

    2. Never change gears going up or down hills for one thing and I don’t care what any of you motor gear heads say I’ve heard from the bests ( in my field) DONT DO IT !!!!!! Case closed!!!!! NEXT!!!!!!!!

    3. Then why do the new cars program it in? I find it a PIA when it tells me to go to 4th from 1st

    4. Am I just gonna let the engine bog out and die going up a steep hill then? Or downshift and make it up the hill…

    5. Your rite first gear to 4th ? Heal ya and going up hill find the rite one or next time drive faster!!!! What was I thinking????? Don’t listen to me cause I’m retarded

    6. Mine field okay sorry I’m surrounded by geniuses so just never mind I’m sorry I said anything- good day and good bye

    7. Tony needs to be right or his panties ride up and his man bun comes apart. Please people dont make Tony cry.

    8. But it’s been awhile since I’ve made an ass out of myself here so I’m kind of happy about that

    9. You can’t change gears going down hill? Bs. Holding the clutch in does the same amount of damage as sliding in your cruising gear or 3rd. Why would it matter? How old are these so called professionals? 50 and ^ they know old tech not these new cars since they didn’t grow up learning on them.

    10. 89 through 95 Corvettes with a six speed came with a 1st to 4th skipshift, nothing wrong with it.

    11. been skipping gears for over 35 years , never a issue , you just have to have a good feel of the and knowing what you want from it

  2. Seen this before. Been skipping gears for years. It doesnt hurt anything unless you lug your engine or over rev your engine or skid your tires caused by lockup on a down shift. But if you are doing these things. Your a rookie or a dumbass anyway. With a fourspeed going around a corner it is comon to go from fourth to second. And also for a smoother upshift I go from first to third to fourth.

  3. If you have to ask this question, you shouldn’t be driving a manual transmission. Of course it’s okay.

    1. Can’t find ’em, grind ’em, they’re made out of rubber next year….

  4. Do first third fifth alot during normal driving but never under hard throttle!!

  5. Nothing wrong with skipping gears at all! Been doing it for years in my big rig and in my race car!

  6. It doesn’t hurt the vehicle I do it all the time in my 30 year old Chevy truck with a 5 speed

  7. Yes it’s OK I know a lot of town fathers that had three speeds on the column and they would start out in first skip second and shift right to third.

  8. My 92 Corvette had the 1st to 4th skipshift from the factory. I have disabled it though.

  9. My 2016 scat Pack has 1-4 shift skip built in when lazy driving for fuel economy

  10. Depending on traffic and my need to get to “the speed limit”, I skip gears all the time. Transmissions aren’t that smart.

  11. Why the hell would you skip gears??? Buy an automatic if you don’t like shifting. Damn lazy kids.

  12. Depends on your exhaust system, if you have that special sound you want to hit every gear. If not it won’t matter no one will be the wiser…

  13. I had a corvette build 1991 , there was a flashing light : shift 1 to 4

  14. New manuals do it for you. Nothing wrong with it as long as you don’t lug the engine ! On my 6 speed that were heard rite I’d take off in second shift into 4 the then 6 the. Saved alot ofgas if I didn’t need the power say around town.

  15. Skip gears in my dually often. It’s usually a 3 to 5 shift or 5 to 3. When slowing a 5 to 4 shift does not a damn thing. Have to grab third for any help slowing down. Every once in awhile when I use granny gear I’ll skip second completely only because the syncros in second are shot and makes it impossible to go 1 to 2 unless you happen to rev match

  16. Its a proven fact, if you’re just cruising, there’s absolutely no harm in skipping gears.

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