What can one say when something like this happens? Well, not much I guess, because the opposite would be an abundance of trash talk and the mouthful of colorful sentences contained of all the bad words in the teamster`s vocabulary! I mean, you put so much effort and hours of work in the building of a real drag monster, and something bad happens and the race is done even before it started! And I do not even to mention the anticlimax that occurs after all that positive spirit and the adrenaline rush which ricer feels before the very start of a race… But I guess that is part of the bargain you get when you walk on a wild side, called the nitrous! The very thing that should be the most effective element of a race and which should make your powerful Detroit muscle even more terrifying on the strip, proves that it can also be very explosive and turn the race into the real disaster. That is exactly what happened to Ronnie Pace and his real monster of Chevy Nova called Yenko, during a Texas Street Outlaw drag race. As he was preparing to launch, the bad and loud explosion happened under the hood of that powerful Nova, followed by huge flames.