This time, the moose had it coming, and that’s that, we understand that there will be some of you which will feel bad for the moose after the video but we think, that this guy did what he had to in order to protect himself and his kid.
The video starts as a 51-year-old man which by the way, has a heart condition (dilated cardiomyopathy), stumbles upon a moose while snowmobiling, and he does what’s right, he tries to scare it away so they can both go about their business, but the wild animal driven by territorial instinct, attack the guy, and this is no laughing matter, a 1000 lbs wild animal can cause serious injury or even death.
After managing to fend off one attack, the moose turns around and comes at him again, but this time, the father pulls his gun out.
Now we love animals and nature as much as the next guy, but when it comes to a father protecting his son, sorry moose, but we would have done the same thing, and we are OK if PETA hates us for it!
We know that some of you will differ with our opinion, and its ok to put that in the comment, but remember, to put yourself in his shoes, and answer us; would you let a wild animal endanger your son while armed?


  1. He could of shoot up in the air and not right at the moose,what a ass whole,just shooting it up then leaving to die pretty fucking sad bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Look how far away the moose is from him he could of gone around it,They are on a snowmobile after all,dirt bag.

    1. If he had no gun, he probably would have steered way around it instead of confronting it. MURIKA….

  3. I`m a hunter and that was just F**k`d up. Your in the moose yard. Turn around or make another path.

  4. What a jerk….. I can’t believe the people who run this page this this was justified in any way….

  5. should be in jail for wasting the animals meat after he chose the cowards way out. To leave the animal suffering is inhumane. Also needs to go back to range to learn accuracy.

  6. He tried to fire a warning shot. I’d have killed the damn thing too. Animal rights go out the door when it comes to being attacked.

  7. What a piece of shit. I’m all for hunting and love moose meat. But this guy deserves jail and real lesson on being humane. The moose clearly walks away and only turns back around when dickhead on the machine starts to follow closely. Think about how an animal thinks. That asshole provoked that!

  8. This assholatu have his ass kicked across the f****** Countryside goes and leaves an animal laying there suffering he can afford to put all those bullets in him but not one of those f****** brain this dude is a total a******

  9. If it was a bull or mature cow yes that’s what I would do but that was a young one. I know for a fact moose are hard to scare off with noise, most won’t even run from the sound of a 12 gauge but I feel like there could have been a different way….

  10. Think he could’ve went around the moose once he realized it was there and that’s coming from a hunter

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