Mercury Cougar 1969 images

The third year of production for the Mercury Cougar is 1969 and refinements are evident. All models have the new vertically oriented divider bars that feature concave tail lights, rather than the previous horizontally configured bars with convex tail-lights, although they remain sequential and the full width of the rear end. The standard and the higher trim RX-7 can  be optioned with a convertible. The standard equipment engine is now a 350 Windsor, but the 390 and 427 are also available.

MCF thanks Gateway Classic Cars for the images displayed here

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MCF thanks Gateway Classic Cars for the images displayed here

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4 thoughts on “Mercury Cougar 1969 images”

  1. Mike_B_SVT says:

    Many mistakes…

    The style change from vertical bars to horizontal bars has to do with the front grille. ’67-’68 have vertical grille bars, while ’69 went horizontal (as you can see in the pics). In ’70 they went back to vertical.
    The tail light styling had vertical bars for ’67-’70. The ’67 and ’68 had convex tail light lenses and bezels, while ’69 and ’70 had concave lenses and bezels.

    RX-7 is a MAZDA. XR-7 is a Mercury Cougar.

    351 Windsor (2V) is the standard engine in ’69, but the Eliminator came standard with a 351-4V. Optional engines were 351W-4V, 390-4V, 428CJ, and Boss 302 (Boss 302 only available with the Eliminator option).
    The 427 was NOT available in 1969 – it ended in April 1968 when the 428CJ was released.
    Note that the Boss 429 was listed as an available option in some Cougar literature, but none were built for the public (only 2 were built for drag racing).

  2. I have 69 XR7 GT390 Cougar Convertible.
    It was special ordered. Special paint with the rarest option, Cruise Control. It also has Leather,power windows,AM FM, Tilt and tilt away steering column,AC,C6 automatic,3.00 gears. Dealer installed luggage rack. I am currently being painted. It has a black power top,black interior and was painted silver Ford # unknown. There are other options on the car.

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