Man Sells 1970 AAR CUDA for $500

This story from James about his 1970 AAR Cuda that he had in high school. He sold it for $500 decades ago.  I am sure we have all sold our muscle cars  cheap compared top today’s prices, so don’t judge!

His story as written by James.

“Bought this car after it was damaged in the front and had the 340 six pack. Automatic. Did not find the chin spoilers for it to replace all damaged parts but turned out very good. Had the speedometer past the 140 mark to the M in MPH on the bottom of the speedometer ONCE. The road was not good under the car and it seamed like I was flying instead of driving. Was hard to stay in a two lane road when taking off if you did not have experience with the car and the power it had. Girls would drive it and I would have to tell them to look at the speedometer because at 80 it felt like it was doing 40. Most of them would hit 100 before they even noticed. Love that car but did not know what I had and sold it for $500.00 OOPS.”

A little 70 Cuda info:  A street version of the AAR ‘Cuda was produced, powered by the 340 cu in (5.6 L) “Six Pack” (three two-barrel carburetors) engine. Four 1970 Hemi ‘Cudas were also successfully raced by Chrysler France, from 1970 until 1973.[18]The works team director Henrí Chemin piloted the first car, and then sold it on to friend and privateer J. F. Mas who went on to race it for another two years.

The Amazing AAR

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