Looking Forward to the 2018 Ford Mustang

America’s top pony cars have been battling for ages, but the rivalry reaching a climax of technological advancement. Just recently, Ford has countered the announcement of the new Camaro with a sharp new car of their own: the 2018 Mustang. It was unveiled at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show in early February and has really got car enthusiasts talking.

The new Mustang leads with a more angular-looking, down-to-earth facade, and the interior has been restyled with an enormous LCD display that puts the driver in control of everything, and the rear of the GT features a new quad exhaust. Behind the car’s scowl, the hood is packed with surprises.

The V-6 option on Mustangs has been retired and replaced with a 2.3L turbo inline-4 engine with less power, but probably more fuel efficiency (Ford hasn’t released those numbers yet). However, the Mustang GT is still 5.0-liter V-8 powered, a feature that Ford isn’t planning on letting go of soon.

A few things haven’t changed: The Mustang is still rear-wheel drive, with a choice between 8-speed manual and 12-speed automatic. And all this is still available in convertible and coupe.

How do you feel about this new reveal? To a few, the unveiling is bittersweet; the car doesn’t meet some people’s expectations of power and new features, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s a Mustang, which has always and will always mean awesome speed and performance.

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Sweet Ride

It can actually go for more than that

Definitely a

Michele Mebane Cohen show lee

that’s the year i was born

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That little area there at the fair was and always is my favorite. I miss the tractor shows they used to have in Memphis years ago at the Lions Club

Oilfield stuff.

Wow. Pretty cool

Will someone please make this guy a proper sign board? The card board and marker looks like shit

No it's not my club has much bigger one

ive seen bigger on youtube a few times lol

Looks like an ajax

stump pulling torque !

Raymond Francis

Looks like an Ajax to me ☠️😍

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Beautiful car. I’d drive that obviously on nice Sundays. 👍👍

classic got to love it!

That was my first car loved it

Very nice looking

Wow love it!

Beautiful car

Nice car



I'm in love with her😍

Beautiful car

My first car in 1976

Beautiful car. I had a 65 Impala SS 327 myself back in 68. Should have kept it.....

Never heard of for speed

If it has a 350 in it it's not original!

Beautiful Car

Gorgeous JUST Gorgeous looking ride thanks for sharing

Very beautiful car.

My favorite classic!

My dad bought a 65 with a 396, sadly it was a powerglide 2 speed...however it would blow doors off 348 with 4 speed. ..

Sweet ride like what been changed. Looks very nice

Very nice car I wish they would've turn the engine on so we can hear it what's the point of just looking at it

One sweet looking impala

Wasn’t the engine of choice in 65 a327 or 283

Very nice/Nice ride too! 😀👍

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