Listen To The Incredible Exhaust Note Of The New Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge knows that developing a drag-tuned muscle car would be nothing without a proper sound, which is why they fitted the Challenger SRT Demon with an advanced torque reserve launch system.
Revealed in the latest teaser of the vehicle, the "advanced torque reserve launch system" is another first for a production car, contributing to the decibels and the deep tone produced by the exhaust system.

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Chevy Camaro 2011 to 2013

The Camaro for 2011is much the same as 2010 and has many things going for it-with all versions offering good performance in the six cylinder models but the V8’s range is from fast to amazing. For safety all models have four air bags in front with one curtain bag on each side extending into the rear seating compartment. The impact tests show favorable results while all units are equipped with anti-lock brakes to safely stop quickly from triple digit speeds, traction control, and dynamic stability control as standard features on all Camaro versions. Creature comforts available on all models include Onstar navigation, Bluetooth, as well as heads up display, iPod, and a USB plug is all offered optionally if you like.

2010 Camaro 5

The car has an aggressive, in-your-face look-aerodynamic also- but that comes at a price-the Camaro does not offer good visibility; particularly through the windshield and the seating is fringing on cramped for anyone while a tall individual may have a problem with head room particularly if sitting in the driver’s seat. The rear seating is not very large even for children while the trunk has little available storage space. The driver has responsive, crisp steering while passengers do have a great ride on the tuned suspension and the interiors well sound proofed from exterior noise is an added bonus.

2010 Camaro

For the 2012 model year the car retains the retro look and offers the same drawbacks but it receives a five star safety rating by NHTSA now. The features inside remains the same although there is the added options of leather or suede upholstery which could be a nice touch and the rear view camera is also a great new feature

2010 Camaro 2

But let’s face it this is a muscle car in every sense of the word with the entry level 3.6 Liter engine putting out 312 hp (229.5 kW) but still giving up to 18/29 mpg city/highway. The SS power option remains as a 6.2 liter and with the six speed automatic offers 400 hp but with the six speed standard version puts out 426 hp and will do 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The big news is the addition of the track capable ZL1option complete with a newly styled body and this power choice is equipped with the 6.2 L engine but in the ZL1 it develops 580 hp with 556 ft-lb of torque at 6,000 rpm,  with the standard transmission, it will take you from 0-60 mph in 4.1seconds-if you don’t blow any shifts and will do up to 180 mph without a problem.

2010 Camaro 3

The Camaro is available in five trim levels for 2013 with the base V6 offering a few more horses at 323 now with slightly improved highway mileage as well for this year. Other than too low head room on all versions the SS model has a slight tendency to under steer while the 1LE version has a slight tendency to over steer. The supercharged 6.2 Liter engine putting out 580 hp is in the ZL1 which can take you from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 184 mph.

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Mustang GT 2013 – 2014 – Shelby GT500 – Boss 302

The Ford Mustang power house for 2013 is the Shelby GT500 with a reputed top speed of 202 mph (325km/h) achieved by the 5.8L Trinity V8 engine producing up to 662 hp (494 kW) and 631 lb-ft (856 N-m) of torque at 4,000 rpm. The Shelby GT500 has the Trimac 6060 transmission which has undergone some fine tuning to produce maximum performance and to help keep it lubricated efficiently it has an internal oil pump. If you don’t like to shift there is a six speed automatic available optionally, as well, both transmissions are turning a carbon fiber drive shaft. Shelby GT500 models have three versions available from a 5.4  liter producing either 540 hp, a  little quicker one putting out 550 hp, with the 5.8 liter version mentioned first  as the top producer in the Mustang line.

Ford Mustang GT 2013© Yelo34 | - 2013 Ford Mustang GT Photo

The entry level Mustang GT choice for power for 2013 is a 4.0 liter engine pumping out 210 hp (235 kW); with two 5.0 liter possibilities in between and the top GT model gets 420 hp (313 kW) from the 5.0 liter power plant. The Boss 302 trim option comes with the same 5.0 liter engine but this version produces 444 hp (331 kW) at 7,500 rpm.

All the 2013 models have a revised front clip containing the standard HID headlights while the updated tail light assembly is still using the efficient light emitting diodes (LED). Other changes for 2013 include a beefed up front roll bar and the newly designed retuned springs are both included on all models. The performance upgrades include twin fuel pumps, a gripper with a larger diameter clutch, larger fan, and triple row inter cooler  Stopping is not a problem for the new and larger Brembo front disc brakes with six piston calipers reinforced axle tubes, as well, the aerodynamic tweaks enable all the high power option models to reach 200mph in moderate safety. The FOMOCO says that many of these changes have help reduce drag by 14 percent with a 66 percent increase the front-end down-force on all the models which help this car conform to stringent EPA regulations. Also included on all Mustangs is the rpm-adjustable electronic launch control feature as is the four-mode electronic stability control.

Ford Mustang GT 2013 smokin© Raytags | - Smoke Show Photo

For a higher performance package the two mode adjustable Bilstein dampers, and a limited slip differential by Torsen are there if you would like. Further up the performance ladder for your Mustang; a “track package” can be added to your street legal transportation which includes a differential cooler for the Torsen option and an air-to-oil engine cooler.

Ford Mustang GT 2014© Photojay | - 50th Anniversary Mustang GT Facing Left Photo

All of the GT, Shelby GT 500, and the Boss302 variations include the Pioneer GPS, Power passenger seat, heated seats, Sirius satellite radio, a USB plug for your favorite downloaded tunes on the stereo, operator controlled choice of instrument color display combinations and the driver can also adjust the ambient interior lighting. The entire spectrum of creature comforts one would expect from a quick and luxuriously appointed automobile are all there; most of which are options on lesser Mustang models.

The 2014 Mustang is the last of the fifth generation with a possible production spanning up to two model years while they fine tune the next generation. The 2014 has very few changes from the ’13 models although the Boss 302 has been dropped from the line up.

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