INSANE Motorcyclist Causes Mayhem While Trying To Flee The Police! WILD ACTION!

It is not uncommon to see motorcyclists performing a random stunt here and there.

In fact, many of us have watched our fair share of stunt riders doing some wild tricks on the streets.

In this video one rider must have been doing something pretty insane because the police are hot on his pursuit! We watch as the motorcyclist stops at a light when all of the sudden you see a police officer come into the frame and attempt to grab the man off of his bike.

The insanity continues as the rider revs up his bike, breaks loose from the officer, and ultimately ends up flipping into the intersection.

However, pain doesn’t even stop this motorcyclist! He finds another bike and finally flees from the police! TALK ABOUT INSANE! We only wish we knew what this guy had done to get the polices attention! To check out the wild video click below!

2 thoughts on “INSANE Motorcyclist Causes Mayhem While Trying To Flee The Police! WILD ACTION!”

  1. Hopefully the bike he left behind doesn’t have plates tying it to him… lol

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That is the ugliest car I’ve ever seen whoever made that should be shot

.....with the water levels rising, again, Ford leads the way!!!!

Sounds like Ford. Like the foreign matter, lines that look weak. Dodges lines match what's under the hood. They look like they'll do business on you, and they do. That Hemi head engine is no nonsense.

Looked crappy. No longer a mustang look.

I think last weeks food just puked up 🤢🤮🤢🤮

This proves just how bad the drug problem is..........

I thought it was the new 2018 model T

Still better looking that a new Camaro!

Looks as sporty as a 4 door Dodge charger!Not my taste!

With the swollen out fenders and running board in between, it looks a little like the 1930s models. I for one kinda like it.

Biased fool lol who could say the bricky hellpig or the horrible looking camaro looks better at all??

Prolly faster then any other mustang white walls add least 12lbs boost

Like to see one and maybe even Drive it!

The only thing mustang about it is the hood ornament.

i guess my only question would be is "WHY" looks chessy in my opinion...thoughts anyone?

Aww so ugly i can’t look at that mustang lol

Thats what happens when you elect someone like Trump.

If I were going to commit to something like that it would be traditional why in the world would you put effort into something like that traditional is loved overall this thing is nothing but a giant mess

No can't be this is a joke.

Still better looking than the slomaro and the boat.Faster too.

What the hell is that thing?

I'm not believing it! Good for a laugh.

I love it look at the enormous number of people you can annoy!

It seems to have it all

Dubai I seen it uncovered. Thay have waste money

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