This Immaculate 1971 Hemi Cuda Says There’s No School like Old School

While Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet carry the American muscle car torch forward with new versions of their iconic coupes, automotive enthusiasts can’t help but miss the long-lost car brands that once brought us symbols of power.

Among the front-engine, rear-wheel drive monsters of the 1960s and ‘70s, Plymouth’s Barracuda reigned supreme. In particular, the third generation, which shared its platform with the Dodge Challenger, created a cult following that has only grown over the years. In fact, the Hemi Cuda is the most valuable muscle car of all time.

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9 thoughts on “This Immaculate 1971 Hemi Cuda Says There’s No School like Old School”

  1. Back in the day , a common working man or woman could buy ANY CAR OR HOME THEY WANTED ! Nowadays , only the wealthy can while the hard working men and women are doing good just to keep a roof over their head , nevermind actually buying or building

  2. 71Hemi Cuda my favorite year and I will drive it like I stole it every day

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