The Hoard of Rusting Muscle Cars in North Carolina

Found on the backroads of North Carolina, this gentleman keeps a variety of cool cars stashed away, awaiting the day to work on them.

62 thoughts on “The Hoard of Rusting Muscle Cars in North Carolina”

  1. Probably like on American Pickers. 80 years old but has to hang on to something they’ve had for 50 years. “I’m gonna fix that up someday.”

  2. Its a shame they will all be junk he will never get them restored before they rot away

  3. Once found a barn find of a 72 Grand Prix LJ with a 454 and the farmer said, nope, gonna fix it up one day! Some 10 years later I dropped back on the farm and there she was in a field stuck in the mud rotting away. He then said he would sell for twice my offering 10 years ago. I told him that we would need to be paid to get the out of the mud! No deal made and likely its in a junkyard by now. So sad!

  4. I know 2 places in NC with dozens and they are probably not salvagable. Greed or stupidity?

  5. The people crying about him not fixing them up don’t have any money anyway or they wouldnt be worried about what others are doing or not doing and be finding some to restore. Plenty of projects on eBay and Craigslist go buy one or two or three.

    1. I don’t see any crying it’s just a shame nothing will be done with so many desirable cars.

    2. If stored inside they’re not going anywhere just like if you build one and it’s inside. They can last forever well longer than us, still time LOL

  6. Yeah they always say that, come back ten years later there still be sitting rotting like rust bucket hear that bullshit all the time…

    1. Also did not know they had tri power on 64′ that might have been a add on in the 70’s

    2. I had a white 65 with triple power back in high school back in the 70’s. Great car wish I could afford one now.

  7. Internet has made people think they are worth 10 times what they are worth 20 years ago

  8. Sickening. Just let them all set and rust to the ground instead of selling them to people that would make use of them.

  9. there is one just like this one sitting in a yard in Mountlake Terrace Wa. I drive by every day.

  10. if I had a dollar for every time I heard that bullshit I could have retired years ago, these people are f#*#kn STUPID

    1. People have no idea what it would take to get one of those things going again.

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1 day ago

Muscle Car Fan

1988 Dodge 350 single wheel one ton ...

2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

Anyone know what car this 17 inch steering wheel goes to! ...

Anyone know what car this 17 inch steering wheel goes to!Image attachmentImage attachment

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You're all high. It's a 57 Studebaker.

Looks like a 59 olds 88

A car

The Amphicar perhaps?

56 chevy

59 or 60 impala


60s Impala?


Manubela volks



60' vaga


Allis chalmers

Toyota Prius

59 to 62 Chevy

It's a Pontiac bonneville from like 1960.


One with wheels?

The one that has the vice grips on the steering column lol

Looks like 50's or 60's Oldsmobile

Farm equipment

1950, 1960s Chevy Bel Air.

The car missing one😲😳🤔

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6 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

A few of Frank's Field of Dreams car in Michigan 51 Ford & 52 Olds left to sell ...

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The ford is a 1950 not a 51


Cassandra Ramirez

Jeremy Dill

Chris Bale

LIKE the FORD !!

Thanks, all sweet


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Muscle Car Fan

About 60 vintage Vintage parts cars for sale in Michigan after stay at home Cadillacs, Olds... ...

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Is it all local collection on parts? I'm in UK but use guys that ship containers so its only shipping to NJ.

O Man Wow

Where is this at ?

Ed dowell

Cadillac Joe Lasko III

Lea Jean Ferris

Any 68, 69, or 7 Dodge Chargers?

What's that Renault doing in there.

55-56 Caddi front bumpers...what do you want for those?

Probably all washed away by the dam breaks and the flood...

Sad that no one took care of them

Where? Website?

Sorry none


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1 week ago

Muscle Car Fan

1928 Chevy truck pulled from the garage after 40 yrs ...

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don't know who the camera man is but don't quit your day job


Who filmed this?

Nice truck but not to professional about it not even joken

Floor Jack would of worked better


Bunch of idiots. I'd fire them all for their incompetent handling of this fiasco.

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