History/Breakdown: 1966 Dodge Charger 426 Hemi

1966 saw the release of the all-new Dodge Charger, a slick fastback styled performance car with a high-tech interior and a look all it’s own. This car is a rather rare 426 Hemi-powered version from the Brothers Collection, and it is our Muscle Car Of The Week!

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  1. Always Loved that old charger look. I had a 66 dodge cornet wagon I bought from my dad for a dollar when I was in High School. It had a 318 V8 in it. I beat the hell out of that old car I couldn’t kill it. I remember doing a power burn out with it in the High School parking lot. I dug a hole about 2 or 3 inches deep in the pavement and filled the whole lot up with smoke. Finally sold that old wagon for 100 dollars it had a lot of rust on it and this old man that bought it said to me it’s all lit up. I laughed and said what more do you want for 100 bucks. He drove off in it. Those were the days you could buy nice used cars for 100 to 300 dollars and get a high performance car for 500 dollars.

  2. Love that Charger styling. Was able to buy one new in 69. Still think about that car and fast performance to this day!

  3. That’s not a 66,…… the 66’s did not have tilt / pop up headlights! The 67’s had tilt headlights. Check your info.

    1. Brian James Peters You’d better do some more research. 1966 Dodge Charger Options below : & No mention of any tilt headlights,….. although more bells & whistle’s (options) became available on the 67 in which the tilt headlights were standard.
      361 V8 (2-bbl., single exhaust).
      383 V8 (4-bbl., dual exhaust).
      426 V8 (Hemi dual 4-bbl., dual exhaust).
      Automatic transmission.
      4-speed transmission (361, 383, 426 V8s only).
      Power brakes.
      Power steering.
      Sure Grip differential.
      Heavy duty suspension package – heavy duty springs, shocks, front and rear.
      Trailer towing package.

      Comfort and Convenience:
      Air conditioning, integral with heater. (N.A. with 361 V8 with 4-speed transmission.)
      Remote control, outside rear view mirror.
      Inside glare resistant mirror.
      Electric window lifts.
      Tinted windshield or windshield and windows.
      Retractable seat belts (front and rear).
      Transistorized radio.
      Trunk compartment light.
      Emergency flasher.
      Parking brake warning light.
      Electric clock, mounted on center console.

      White sidewall tires.
      Bumper guards, front and rear

      Trailer Towing Package:
      Maximum cooling system with high-capacity radiator.
      Larger transmission oil cooler.
      Larger, 7-blade fan.
      Fan shroud.
      Radiator air seals.
      Heavy-duty performance axle, 3.23 ratio.
      Heavy-duty suspension, front and rear.
      Special 11 diameter, heavy-duty brakes (not self-adjusting).
      Heavy-duty, turn signal flasher.
      Heavy-duty, stoplight switch.
      Wide rim, 5.5 K wheels.
      Automatic transmission required. (N.A. with 426 Hemi, 440 Magnum V8s, or with 3-speed or 4-speed manual transmission.)

      Heavy Duty Suspension Package:
      Heavy duty torsion bars.
      Heavy duty ball joints.
      Heavy duty rear springs.
      Heavy duty sway bar.

      The Mopar related information found in this section is believed to be accurate. The 440magnum Network assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in anything that is referenced by or linked to and from this site. This information is provided “as is” and was obtained from Chrysler Corporation, WWW, Books and other Reference Materials.

    2. Wesley Hoke, that is indeed a 66, note the top of the front fender and you will see the lack of a turn signal indicator, 66 .

  4. I had a “plain Jane” ’66…had the 361″ engine in it, but still very cool!

  5. My uncle in Alabama had a 1966 silver with the 383 automatic. He later gave it to his daughter to go to college in it. She later sold it for 500 dollars.

  6. The second I laid eyes on the 66 Charger I knew I had to have one, I was 17 and bought a Red 66 383 four barrel 4 speed , I simply thought I had the best car in the world.

  7. Absolutely the best car dodge ever made. I owned several. Wish I still had them all.

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