History/Breakdown: 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury 426 Max Wedge

This 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury was about as close to a drag-ready race car as you could buy from a dealer in ’63. Besides its no-nonsense appearance, this car came equipped with the 426 Max Wedge Super Stock V8, a powerful competition engine boasting 11.1:1 compression and an advertised 415 HP at 5600 RPM. The dual-quad “short ram” intake, high-lift cam, free flowing exhaust, manual trans, Sure Grip differential, and a lack of accessories helped these cars stack up records in Super Stock drag racing. This one is from the Brothers Collection.

22 thoughts on “History/Breakdown: 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury 426 Max Wedge”

  1. Here you go Dennis Higdon, this looks like our old 63 Plymouth. I would love to have it now !!!

  2. A friend of mine his first car was a 66? or 67? Sport Fury ( can’t remember the year) with a big block. Didn’t know him then and back in the day there were so many Camaros, Cheveles, El Caminos, Chargers, Dusters , Mousestangs and Vettes even a light green AMX with steamroller BFGs on the back and enough power to lift the front wheels off the ground about 1 or 2 inches.driving around this small town I probably wouldn’t have noticed his vehicle. You have a picture of a 67 Plymouth Sport Fury in there somewhere?

  3. I had a ’63 Max Wedge with a Torqueflight back in the day. On a small tire it was running real low 12’s. After it was around for awhile it was hard to get any locals that wanted to street race it.

    1. Denny Dubicz back at my hometown a dude had 69 dart with 426 hemi,dual quads,4 speed,at the “drag strip” he would put a $100 on top of the passenger side dash,if rode with him you could try to grab while going down the 1/4…nobody could claim it from so much torque/g forces put you back in the seat.

  4. There is one around here I see every now and then and has something on the side in spray paint. That’s how they name things here in stupid land!!!!

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